New Year, New Me Is Wrong and Means Nothing Now

'New Year, New Me' And New Year Resolutions Are So Unattainable And Disappointing

Going into 2019, most people say, "New Year, New Me" and I believed it until I realized that at 21, it's not gonna happen.

When I scroll through Facebook or Twitter, I see countless posts talking about New Years Resolutions and how this year things are gonna change. I don't want to be pessimistic but those posts are all idealistic and in about 2 months, those posts are going to get lost in the countless posts they make since then and are going to be forgotten. We make plans that are so against our nature that it is really not realistic.

I want to lose weight in 2019 but is it possible? Probably not.

Did I post it on Facebook? Absolutely!

Is it realistic? Kinda/Not really.

So why did I make that my New Years Resolution? Simple, in December I will have either not lost weight and feel disappointed in myself or have lost weight (have made others on Facebook jealous I achieved it) and can aim for a higher goal next year.

The entire point of New Years Resolutions is to challenge yourself but if you do not support yourself 100%, it is just a waste of time.

Still, a lot of people think they work better when they set the bar high so it works for them but for the general population, nobody wants to step out of their comfort zone. Nobody really wants to stray from the beaten path because it messes up a lot of other things in their life.

For me, going to the gym at least twice a week means I already need to be out of my dorm room and doing something like getting out of class or going to the gym between classes. To do that I have to figure out what days that works for me on.
Next, I have to figure out how long I should spend there before making my way to my next/last class.

And finally, I have to wear workout clothes or remember to bring workout clothes on those specific days without having to return to my dorm room (because I know I will not be able to leave the comfort of my room to enter an uncomfortable atmosphere like the Gym).

A lot of planning and thinking has to go into your resolutions in order for them to work. You need to make small goals as your resolutions that complete a bigger goal. Take baby steps to get there and plan it out in smaller accomplishments so you feel better when you follow more than one instruction

Still, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!! I hope 2019 is a year we can make a change and I can lose weight. >_<

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