Taylor Swift Is Making A New Reputation

Taylor Swift Is Making A New Reputation

She's serving looks and spilling tea.

I don't know about you, but I'm feelin' the new Taylor.

Okay, first let me say that I love the two new songs and am anticipating the new album Reputation. I have been a “swiftie” since the OG Taylor Swift album featuring her hit “Tim McGraw” back in the long curly-haired days of her country roots.

With each release of the rest of her five albums, we have seen her evolve into her current style: pop. During that time she has been in and out of relationships, made some hella-good music videos, created a girl squad, squashed and renewed feuds as well as hosted some insane concert tours. The girl has been hitting her damn grind. After that, she took a small hiatus and returned to Spotify thus putting us “swifties” into a waiting game of what was to come next. All the while, she rocked a red lip.

Then she dropped “Look What You Made Me Do." I was SHOOK.

Then she dropped the video. Even more SHOOK.

As I mentioned before, I loved the song but it is not like anything she’s made before. On one hand, the vibes are very Bad Blood feel but even then it seems a bit darker. The sound is kind of all over the place. When I listen to it with my friends they always complain that it sounds like two songs are meshed into one with the speeding up and slow down. I personally think that’s just apart of Taylor’s style playing with speeds and beats to emphasize the drama.

These lyrics are vaguely calling out many people who have wronged her and she then goes on to talk about how she overcoming their tricks with a few up her own sleeve. She claims she got hers and now everyone will get theirs. From that I take it as Taylor has taken her blows and now she’s hitting back. The video was nothing short of her recent take on music videos with outlandish situations that all hint at something or someone. To me, the video was a genius move because she made her self the topic s. And here I am still talking about her.

Taylor employed a classic move many celebs take on whether it is intentional or not. It’s the good girl-bad girl phase. She was our sweet girl next door in a pair of cowgirl boots until she started breaking hearts and getting into feuds. Now, she’s testing out her “baddie” side delving into a bit more of kicking ass and taking names style.

Taylor, you tricky minx, you. What will she do next? I guess we'll find out November 10th.

....Ready for it?

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Millennials Need An 80s Movies Education

You've heard the lines, but have you seen the movie?

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Scrunchies are back. Oversized sweatshirts and leggings are the norm. Denim and bomber jackets are seen everywhere on Instagram. It’s safe to say that the ‘80s are making a strong comeback in 2018.

The best thing to come out the ‘80s, however, isn’t the fashion, but the movies. I love ‘80s movies, and I was shocked to hear that so many of my friends had never seen any of these iconic gems that were made in the 1980’s.

So I’ve decided to compile a list of the best ‘80s movies that you have to see at least once. Take a break from binge-watching Riverdale, and This Is Us, and try these out.

1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Yes, I do have a “Save Ferris” sticker on my laptop. I could watch this movie over and over again.

This is the perfect movie for those days you just want to lay in bed and skip class. Watch how Ferris pulls off the greatest skip day for his girlfriend and best friend without ever getting caught by his parents or the crazy Principal, Rooney.

There are so many iconic lines and scenes, but the most famous, and my favorite is, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

2. Can’t Buy Me Love

McDreamy, is that you?? A young Patrick Dempsey stars in this teen romance alongside Amanda Peterson.

We’ve all heard this story: Despite all odds, the nerd and the popular girl realize they were meant to be together. It’s not the plot that you should watch this movie for, but the cheesy, but sweet moments between Peterson and Dempsey.

If you’ve ever had any desire to ride off into the sunset on a lawnmower, this movie is for you.

3. The Breakfast Club

You can’t pay tribute to the ‘80s without talking about The Breakfast Club. This classic takes place on a Saturday morning where five teens bond over the shared pain of enduring detention.None of them seem to have much in common, and after today, they might ever not talk again, but just for this one day, they realize that they’re not so different after all. Again, cheesy, but worth the watch, if only for the incredible soundtrack.

4. Risky Business

This is the theme for 90% of frat parties, but how many of you can actually say you’ve seen the movie? I promise you, you won’t be disappointed if you give this one a try. While his parents are out of town for the weekend, Tom Cruise runs a brothel, ruins his Dad’s car, and still manages to fit in his Princeton interview. This wild movie will keep you on edge until the end, and you’ll have plenty of laughs along the way.

5. When Harry Met Sally

This is by far one of my favorite movies of all time. It follows the story of two unlikely best friends over the course of ten years, and asks the age-old question, “Can men and women every really just be friends?”With Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, it’s impossible to not love this romantic comedy. Favorite scenes include the infamous diner scene, and the ending New Year’s Eve scene, of course.

6. Stand By Me

This movie makes the original “squad goals.”Everyone needs a friend like Chris in their life. These four boys go an epic journey in search of the missing body of a young boy. Friendly warning that this is a darker and heavier movie than some of the other ones on the list, but it is a thought-provoking film that is based on a Stephen King novella.

7. Back to the Future

If you’re looking for a sci-fi classic, this one is for you.

Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, stars in this iconic trilogy about a teenage boy that goes back in time with the help of a quacky scientist, Doc Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd. The original shows off not only the best of the ‘80s but also the music and culture of the 1950’s. Strap into the DeLorean time machine, and make sure the flux capacitor has enough plutonium to make it back home.

8. Footloose

You may have seen the recent remake, but I bet a lot of you haven't seen the original. I love both versions, but honestly, no one can top Kevin Bacon. Even if you’re not big on musicals, you can still appreciate the plot and laugh at Willard, played by Chris Penn, learning how to dance.

9. Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” There are millions of spin-offs and spoofs of this classic romantic comedy, including Crazy Stupid Love, Saturday Night Live, and most recently, an NFL Super Bowl commercial. Why not see what all the hype is about? Everyone should experience Patrick Swayze lifting Jennifer Grey sky high over his head.

10. Top Gun

Another Tom Cruise classic. Forever waiting for Tom Cruise and his pilot buddies to serenade me in a bar.

This movie has enough action to keep the guys satisfied, and enough shirtless beach volleyball scenes to keep the ladies interested. Begging people to watch this so they decide if they are “Goose,” or “Maverick.”

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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"The Greatest Showman" Is The Movie You Never Knew You Needed Until Now

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the movie you've been waiting for.

Normally I am the type of person who avoids musical movies at all costs. I absolutely despised High School Musical (after being forced to listen to it all day, you'll understand why) and cringed when Camp Rock came blaring from the TV of any kid I babysat. I just excepted the fact that I would just not find a musical movie that I would actually enjoy. However, that all changed when I watched "The Greatest Showman" for the first time over the winter break. This movie opened up a world of performance that I had never seen before on a movie screen. I was in awe of the music, dancing, acting, and just the pure passion brought forward in the movie. This movie is loosely based off the life of businessman P.T. Barnum, played by Hugh Jackman, and the creation of the circus in a plethora of powerful songs, colorful costumes, exciting acrobatics, and a wide variety of scenes that leave you speechless. "The Greatest Showman" is definitely the movie of the year and probably of the century, and there are many reasons why you should drop everything you are doing and go see it. FYI, there will be no spoilers in this article because I want people that have not seen it yet to have the same magical experience I had.

1. Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum

As someone who knows very little about the world of musical theatre, I was surprised to see the Wolverine actor signing and dancing on the silver screen. Jackman brought a character and person that many people do not know much about to life in this film. He danced and sang his way into my heart and is now one of my favorite actors ever! It also helps that I find him to be extremely attractive.

2. The Actual History behind the Movie (the REAL P.T. Barnum)

Yes, I know the movie is not historically accurate. Just let me enjoy the pure magic of this it. But seriously though, the history major in me was curious to learn more about who exactly P.T. Barnum was and learn more about his circus. I was surprised to learn that he didn't get into the circus business until he was 60 years old! Which is funny because in the movie, they picture Barnum as a younger man starting his circus. Guess that is just Hollywood glamorizing history for ya. Fun fact: Barnum also got his hands into politics in 1865 when he won a seat in the Connecticut General Assembly.

3. My Queen and Savior Zendaya

Everything that Zendaya does, says, touches, etc. turns to gold! She absolutely killed it as Anne Wheeler, the beautiful and talented acrobat with awesome pink hair. Watching her swing on the trapeze left me in sheer awe and wonderment because, come on! It's freaking Zendaya! She brought forth a little bit of herself in this character with her sassy comebacks, but also showed a more sensitive, intimate side of her that we rarely get to see as she showed her character's burning love and passion for Zac Efron's character Philip Carlyle. Regardless of what part she could have had in this movie, she would kill it like she always does

4. The Songs

It is genuinely so hard to pick my favorite song from this movie because they were all so amazing and sung by incredibly talented people (Keala Settle, Zendaya, Michelle Williams, etc.). Each song made my heart skip a beat, cry, and dance (in no particular order. I have probably listened to the soundtrack over 20 times by this point and have nearly mastered all of the songs' lyrics. The raw power Keala Settle (who by this point should have a Grammy) showed in "This is Me"left me speechless and in tears. She sang of how being different is ok and we should embrace who we are despite our flaws. This song for me was extremely personal because, for a long time, I had felt that I was different and the I didn't belong because of my anxiety. It made me feel that wasn't perfect enough to be loved for I was. However, this song showed me that no matter how different or "imperfect" I am "I am brave, I am bruised, I am who i'm meant to be, this is me."

5. The Inspiring Messages

It is clear to see the multiple messages the movie brings forth to teach us. From this movie, I learned that it is ok to dream big. Experience life and take in what it has to offer you. Never give up when things look difficult. Love is not defined by the color of our skin, but rather how we can "rewrite the stars" and how that change starts with us. When you lose your way in finding fame and glory, remember where you started and maintain what is most important to you. And of course, if the "normal" world knocks you down and rejects you for being you, pick yourself back up and hold your head up with pride because you are brave and you were who you were meant to be.

"The Greatest Showman" is not only a fun and entertaining movie, it also has parallels to what is happening in the real world. We could learn a lot from a bunch or circus performers and "Prince Humbug", P.T. Barnum himself. This movie will make you laugh, cry, cheer, and dance at the same time. So if you're looking for a movie to go see, I 100% encourage you to go see this one. You'll definitely "come alive" once you experience the pure magic of this film.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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