Everyone's favorite British reality show-- "Love Island"-- returns June 3rd, and I am ready. For anyone who has not seen Love Island," let me fill you in. The show originally aired between 2005 and 2006, but was then revived in 2015. The show airs 6 nights a week, so you're seeing things right after they happen. The show starts with 6 boys and 6 girls who couple up with each other based on first impressions. Throughout the next weeks, the couples will recouple, be put through challenges, and new people will be introduced while others will be kicked off the island or voted off. It is full of drama, fights, betrayal, and a ton of British slang that no one can understand. With season 5 approaching soon, here are 7 things that I hope to see in this season.

1. A good couple from the start.


I always like when I see a couple that starts off on a good foot and continue like that throughout the season. I know that every couple is going to fight at some point, but I like to see a couple that sticks it out and lasts and doesn't switch partners every week.

2. A guy who isn't ripped.


So ripped guys are nice and all, but it gets a little boring to see the same body with different faces season after seasons. It would be nice to see a little bit more of a dad bod this season. It would also be nice to see the guys doing something other than working out.

3. An underdog that finally gets something good.


I always feel bad for that one guy or girl that just can't find someone that likes them. This season, I want to see someone that actually finds someone that likes them at some point in the season. I really just want to see the underdog get what they deserve.

4. A new villa.


We got a new one in season 3, so now that we're heading into season 5, I want to see if they've got anything planned for a new villa this season. I preferred the villa from the first 2 seasons; it was more open and seemed less confusing, so I hope they do something more like that this season.

5. People actually using the pool.


It's amazing to me that there is a giant, beautiful pool in their backyard and I never see anyone using it. I actually want to see some people swimming in the pool this season. I want to see some people using cool pool floaties and goofing around in the pool.

6. A good old fashioned fight.


There hasn't really been a good fight in a while, and I'm itching to see one. I want to see someone throw hands over something that's ultimately pointless. I also want to see someone get kicked out of the villa because that's also always fun.

7. Some British slang I haven't heard before.

Watching "Love Island" for the first time and hearing words like "mugged off" and "pied" was a weird experience. I still don't fully understand what they're saying all of the time (thank God for subtitles), but I do always learn a bit of new British slang and I'm looking forward to seeing what I'll learn this season.

If you haven't seen any of "Love Island" before, you still have a couple of weeks to catch up before the new season airs. You also have a couple of weeks to brush up on your British slang. Good luck!