Welcome, ladies!

I'm sure you've heard it again and again, but we really are so incredibly excited to have you! Trust me. We put in a lot of work during spirit week and recruitment, and without a doubt, it was all worth it.

There is something truly special about looking at your new members and being genuinely excited for what the future of your chapter holds. For me, as the new member chairman of my chapter, my heart is bursting with joy over what our new girls are going to accomplish, over the leadership opportunities they're going to take, and over how much they will grow over their years here. And I know my other sisters feel the same way.

I would give anything to be able to go back, to do it all again. College years are some of the best. It's the last bit of childhood before reality sets in and you actually have to be an adult. But most importantly, college is about making memories; about discovering who you are and what your value is. The person I was when I joined my chapter just over two years ago as a sophomore is not the person I am today. Sure I'm still me, but I have found myself. I found my people. And most importantly, I believe in myself, which wouldn't have happened without my sorority.

You all are just starting out on your journey. My biggest piece of advice is to soak up every moment because trust me, it goes by entirely too fast. Being in a sorority is unlike anything else. It's hard to explain this instant bond you now have with not just the girls in your chapter, but all over the country, with thousands of girls, past, present and future. It's so special when you run into a sister in a random place and instantly feel at home. You'll have many of these moments, so enjoy them.

What I've found throughout my time in my chapter is you get what you give. If you don't try, if you don't come to events, and if you don't reach out to girls, you will not get as much out of the organization. Like with everything and anything in life, it doesn't come to you without trying; it works 50-50. So even if it pushes you out of your comfort zone to come to the house and not be sure someone you know will be there or to go to an event your closest friends might not be at, do it. These girls are all your sisters and love you. But you have to try and you have to put in the effort back. It will make the entire experience worth so much more.

I know it can be overwhelming and you probably are still finding yourself and your people, but don't worry, it happens. It might happen next week or next semester. But it will happen. Don't forget that you are in your chapter for a reason; your sisters wanted you, and they fought for you. These years will be the best of your life and will give you people and memories that will last well beyond your college years.

Soak it in. Make the most of every moment. Because as I start my senior year, I wish more than anything I could go back and do it all again.