A New Perspective On Fireworks
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A New Perspective On Fireworks

What you've been missing when you watch fireworks...

A New Perspective On Fireworks

This past weekend, I went to a Texas Rangers game. It was lots of fun! We all gathered together in the ballpark to cheer on the Rangers and enjoy America’s favorite pastime. During the game, everyone was eating, talking, and relaxing while watching the game unfold. We most definitely were not silent, as we yelled and screamed (as prompted, of course, by the big screens) for the Rangers each time we came close to scoring. At the end of the game, the Rangers pulled out a win and the crowd went wild!!! We all cheered, jumped, and high-fived all around and the team went crazy down on the field.

Soon after the game ended, it was announced that fireworks would begin soon. Everyone began to settle in and get ready for fireworks. The announcer said that the lights would soon blackout and began the countdown.

The lights flickered each time a number was yelled in unison across the ballpark…

“Five! Four! Three! Two! One!”


I looked around as everyone glanced up into the dark sky, anticipating the fireworks’ beginning. As soon as the first firework shot up into the air, there was silence throughout the stands. Everyone in the ballpark watched in awe and wonder as each group of fireworks shot up into the sky, each firework unique in color, design, and size.

Fireworks really do seem magical. Simply put, they’re paper tubes filled with gunpowder that explode in the air, making a beautiful display for all to watch and enjoy. Many of us don’t really understand how they work, but still get to sit and watch them explode in the coolest of ways! They make for a stunning display in the sky that we sit and silently admire. We are perplexed by their simple beauty and mesmerized in a way that we can gaze at the sky and watch fireworks repeatedly explode again and again.

Fireworks can put our size and power as humans into perspective. They remind us that we’re small. They remind us that there is a world much bigger than the life we individually live.

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed. I began to realize something. I couldn’t help but think of the ways in which this firework show embodies our loving, living Father.

When we have wandered astray and lost our way, the Lord can cause a “blackout” in our lives that directs our eyes directly back to Him…where our purpose in life is fulfilled and we can find fullness of joy.

In the midst of a crazy life (or situation, like a baseball game), God has the power to silence the world around us…just as this firework show did.

He is so very powerful that He is able to “explode” with authority and intervene in the midst our lives. Nothing can stand against His power and might.

Romans 14:11 tells us that, one day, every knee will bow before the Lord and every tongue confess that He is God. When the fireworks began, the whole ballpark watched in silence, awe, and wonder as the first firework shot into the sky. This served as a sweet and simple display that brought this verse to life (and will of course, pale in comparison to the real deal!!!).

Each firework was individually unique and wonderful. God has so many different traits that work together in perfect harmony, making Him the loving Father and Creator that made a way for us to have a personal relationship with Him. He is loving, caring, just, powerful, perfect, wonderful, and so much more!!! How exciting that we get to live for and love such a wonderful Savior?!

Because of these different traits and characteristics of our loving Redeemer, it can sometimes be difficult to see His plan and purpose in our lives. We become confused, lose our trust, and don’t understand how everything going on around us could possibly working for our good (Romans 8:28). Just as we may not understand the complex chemicals and science behind fireworks that allows them to function and create a beautiful display in the sky, we might not understand the plan of our Creator. But we can bow at the foot of the cross, trusting that each piece of our life is fitting together to create a beautiful explosion and display of his great splendor to the world around us.

I’m not sure where you’re at right now, as you’re reading this. But I just want you to know that, even though you may feel small and meaningless, you are a meaningful and necessary piece to the perfect plan of our Reedeemer. Even though you may feel small and meaningless, you are a meaningful and necessary piece to the perfect plan of our Redeemer. He has a wonderful purpose for your life. Remember the simple complexity of the firework. He is strong in the midst of our brokenness, willing to use our imperfections to piece together a beautiful display of his love and mercy to point the world back to Himself.

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