The Glory Days Are Coming Back Now That Ole's At The Wheel

It's been almost six years since Sir Alex Ferguson, one of the greatest football managers to ever live, left his position at English Premier League Club Manchester United after 26 years of service. Since then, the Red Devils have never quite regained their title of being one of the top clubs in Europe. Fans have had to endure three separate managerial spells since Ferguson's departure with the likes of David Moyes, Louis Van Gaal, and Jose Mourinho all failing to restore the glory days at United. However, things have changed since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer arrived at Old Trafford.

Solskjaer, a former Manchester United player himself, was originally supposed to be the caretaker manager until the end of the season but after posting up a record of 14 wins, two draws and three losses in 19 games, United made Solskjaer the permanent manager for the club going forward. Some soccer analysts felt that United was too quick in hiring a new manager and should've tested the waters in the off-season. I completely disagree and think Solskjaer is the right man for the job. Here's why -- every single one of Solskjaer's predecessors failed to connect with the players. Managers like Mourinho and Van Gaal criticized the players on a consistent basis and never gave some of the talent on the roster proper chances in my opinion. That criticism affected the team's results and body language. It was clear that something had to change at the manager position.

From the moment Solskjaer took over as the manager it was clear that the players enjoyed his presence on the pitch. United left-back Luke Shaw, for example, expressed his gratitude towards Solskjaer and was confident he would land the job permanently. What I enjoy most about Solskjaer is that he understands what Manchester United's club values are and puts the team success as a priority without letting any ego or pride get in the way. He (Solskjaer) spent nine seasons at United with 235 appearances on the field while scoring a total of 91 goals as a player. Solskjaer scored the game-winning goal in Manchester United's historic comeback against Bayern Munich in the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final to secure the team's only treble in club history.

Of course, it will be interesting to see which assets the manager can sign in the upcoming summer transfer window. United are in dire need of new life in both the midfield and defensive areas. I really hope there are new signings which can boost the team's confidence in their play. I'm satisfied that finally, United appear to have found their man that can guide the club to more trophies in the future. What's also a plus with Solskjaer is he is only 46 years of age which means that United could be set up for long term success.

United are in the right hands under Solskjaer and I believe he will elevate the Red Devils to the top of England and Europe once again in no time.

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