New Faces Of The Chicago Blackhawks
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New Faces Of The Chicago Blackhawks

Lets get acquainted

New Faces Of The Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks broke hearts when they decided to clean house and get rid of some popular players on the team after winning the Stanley Cup in 2015. Fans were forced to say their goodbyes to #10 Patrick Sharp, #20 Brandon Saad, #27 Johnny Oduya, #23 Kris Versteeg, #91 Brad Richards, and #80 Antoine Vermette. Not an easy goodbye for most after watching these players game after game, win after win for several seasons. And after losing a handful of well-known players, the team is making moves to get new guys on the team that Chicago fans are unfamiliar with ... Let our hearts heal first, would ya?

With that being said, I have recently found myself questioning who these new guys on the ice playing for the Chicago Blackhawks are! Artemi Panarin? Dennis Rasmussen? Brandon Mashinter? Who are they? Are these the new faces of Chicago hockey? Should we get used to seeing them on the ice? You are probably sitting there thinking, "but I don't even know them? How can they be the faces of Chicago hockey?"

Well, they are and Blackhawk fans have to get used to seeing them on the ice. Let's get to know them a little better, together:

#15 Artem Anisimov

Position: Center

Age: 27

Birth Place: Russia

Played for: New York Rangers and Columbus Blue Jackets

1st NHL goal scored in: 2009

#72 Artemi Panarin- "The Bread Man"

Position: Left

Age: 24

Birth place: Russia

Fun fact: Leading all NHL rookies in points with 39 and goals with 15

#28 Ryan Garbutt

Position: Left

Age: 30

Birth Place: Canada

Played for: Dallas Stars

1st NHL goal scored in: 2012

Fun fact: Played 4 years of college hockey at Brown University

#57 Trevor Van Riemsdyk

Position: Defenseman

Age: 21

Birth Place: New Jersey

NHL debut: October 9, 2014 against Dallas Stars

1st NHL goal scored in: 2015

Playoff debut: June 8, 2015 (3rd game)

Fun fact: Won his first Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks last year. His older brother, James, plays in the NHL for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

#70 Dennis Rasmussen

Position: Center

Age: 25

Birth Place: Sweden

1st NHL scored in: 2015 against Nashville Predators

#53 Brandon Mashinter

Position: Left

Age: 27

Birth Place: Canada

Played for: San Jose Sharks and Rangers who then traded him to the Chicago Blackhawks

#24 Phillip Danault

Position: Center

Age: 22

Birth Place: Canada

1st NHL goal scored: January 8, 2016

Fun fact: 1st NHL goal was a game winning goal

Keep an eye out for these players during the next Chicago Blackhawk game! They may surprise you and you may start to grow fond of these new guys. Our hearts may just heal after all.

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