A New Englander Outside of New England

A New Englander Outside of New England

10 things that prove whether or not you're a true New England resident


Living in New England all of my life meant going to college was my chance to GET OUT of the bubble. But, there are some things that I miss about my small town in Western Massachusetts that I don't get here in Philly.

1. No one knows what "Running a Packy" is

The liquor store is the package store. Getting alcohol is running to the packy, running a packy or anything in between.

2. Any time you mention the Patriots, someone brings up "Deflate-gate"

Hey, guess what?? No one wants to talk about it. Tom Brady is the KING of New England okay? Okay.

3. Not seeing everyone and their mother at the Big Y on a daily basis

In a way, it's a blessing that you don't see someone you know everywhere you turn. But sometimes, it's nice to see a friendly face while browsing the frozen peas and cans of tuna.

4. "Oh, you're from Massachusetts? So Boston?"

No. No one is actually "from Boston" anymore. You're from Cambridge, Brookline, Newton... But not really "Boston". I, myself, am from the other side of the state, what I call the "Connecticut of Massachusetts". But no, not Boston.

5. All of my friends go to school in Worcester or Boston!

It's easy to go to school in Massachusetts, especially when we have the best schools in the nation both high school and college. So why wouldn't you want to go to school here? Oh yeah, to get AWAY from everything and try something new. UMass Amherst is basically my hometown 2.0.

6. A sandwich is a SUB or a GRINDER

People here in Philly call them "hoagies". What the hell is a hoagie???

7. Vacationing on the Cape

Everyone has been to the Cape at least once and if you haven't you're a fake New Englander. I've realized I need actually specify what I'm talking about when I reference my summers on the beach on Cape Cod.

8. Wearing Vineyard Vines, even if you haven't been to the Vineyard

As with above, if you haven't been to Martha's Vineyard, are you even a real New Englander?

9. And if you don't exclusively drink ICED Dunkin Donuts coffee are you even from the north?

Dunks, Dunkin, Dunkies, doesn't matter as long as I get a free coffee when any Boston sports team wins a game and it's ALWAYS iced.

10. I am a proud New Englander but I'm happy outside of New England

Although I spent all of my life before college in my little New England bubble, I'm glad I now have the chance to explore new places, meet new people and see new things. Don't get me wrong, I love New England, but it's nice to get some perspective.

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