The Girl
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The Girl

"It didn't take long for me to realize that smile wasn't for me."

The Girl

For those that have read my introduction to my new story from last week, here is the first official chapter!

I hear the pots clinging downstairs and I smell the coffee brewing. I slowly climb out of the bed, even though I don't sleep anymore. I step into the kitchen.

"The coffee smells good," I say to him.

He jumps. His eyes meet mine and I can see the dark circles under his eyes. He doesn't sleep much either. He doesn't say anything. I try to grab a mug, but I can't.

"You're not real, Tesla," he whispers, refusing to look at me.

"Zeke, you make no sense," I say.

He walks past me and leaves the room. He's been so distant.

"Zeke?" I call out.

I hear a crash upstairs and run to him. There's shattered glass on the bedroom floor along with a picture of us. He's on the bed with tears falling down his cheeks. He's been sad a lot lately. I look at the picture of us then turn to the mirror. I'm shocked at how different I look. I'm very pale. My dark blue eyes are so light and my hair is no longer a vibrant blonde, but a very pale blonde. My white dress almost blends in with my skin. Zeke stands behind me looking at the effects the exhaustion has taken on his appearance. I can't help but freeze with his presence being so close to me. His dark hair is sticking out everywhere and his dark eyes are almost lifeless. He ignores me standing in front of him as he turns to the dresser and picks out his jeans and grey t-shirt.

I hear him step into the shower.

"What happened to us?" I ask as I sit on the counter.

"You have to let go Tesla," he says sternly.

I roll my eyes and leave the bathroom. He heads downstairs to grab his keys and gets into the car. I slip into the passenger seat and he looks hesitant, but leaves anyway. A small smile spreads across my face as I look out the window. I used to love our car rides. We would sing at the top of our lungs and just drive anywhere together. Now they're very quiet and calm, but I don't mind because we're together. I look down at the ring on my finger and notice he doesn't have his on.

"Where's your ring?" I ask.

"It's at home," he answers.

I was slightly hurt at the answer.

He pulls into the parking lot of a small diner, a place that we used to come to a lot. In fact, we met here. I remember being his waitress and hitting it off on the spot. He asks for a table for two and I smile at the fact that he wants to spend some time with me after all the distance. We sit down across from each other in the booth. He doesn't have much to say as he pulls out his phone. I hear the bell as the front door opens and he looks up. A warm smile comes onto his face, a smile that I haven't seen in awhile. It didn't take long for me to realize that smile wasn't for me. A girl slid into the booth and sat right beside of me.

"It's cold," she shivers.

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