With finals approaching, most of us are drinking excessive caffeine and depriving ourselves of sleep to earn the 'A,' all while our mental health is compromised and placed on the back burner. I think it's time for a different approach. One where our mental health is treated as a priority at all times - especially during crunch time for finals.

So when you're feeling overwhelmed by finals this semester, don't just grab another iced coffee. Make time for yourself and refuel with some gratitude. Here's one way to spark your feelings of gratitude, think to yourself:

Have I ever given myself a real reason to not believe in my potential?

If you haven't and this doubt you conjured up in your head has no validity, then acknowledge that. Appreciate that you do pull through even when you're faced with your own uncertainties. Take a step back and recognize how far you've come these last 16 weeks. Then, put a smile on your face and plow through your study sessions with your refreshed state of mind.

Now, if you do feel that you've let yourself down in the past, it's OK. Understand that you are in control of your life at this very moment. We stand where we do today because of the choices we've already made. So, although you can not change the choices you've already made, it's refreshing to know that you have absolute control of the actions you take right now and where you stand in the future.

Shake off your past and readjust your attitude to one that compliments your achievements and empowers you towards your new ambitions. After all, our success is only limited by our own hard work and imagination (aka attitude and belief system).