Clair's Point of View:

I've finally had it with Rebecca, today is the day I make the phone call that will change both of our lives. I pick up the phone and dial the number, the only conversation we have is the code words are: "The Eagle has landed," and I quickly hang up the phone. I have to get out of the store before they come, but I have make up an excuse to leave. I pass Mr. Brooks office and tell him, "I have to go to the bank to get change, I'll be right back."

"No problem, I'll look after the store when you're gone." I leave his office and the store, and when I come back things will be changed, but in my favor.

Rebecca’s Point of View:

I couldn’t wait until Liam came to pick me up for our lunch date! I know we haven’t been dating for a while, but I think he is the one. Liam has made me believe that there is such a thing as fate. I’m glad he came into the store six months ago, or I would never have met him. As I finish cleaning up the dressing rooms before I go on break, someone comes up behind me and hugs me. “Hey honey!”

“Hey sweetie! I still have ten minutes until I get off for lunch.”

“I know, I just couldn’t wait to see you.” Out of the corner of my eye, I see Mr. Brooks lingering by the desk, and I wonder if he’s trying to ease drop. I don’t know why I care, if he ease drops or not. “Aww, you’re so sweet Liam. Where are we going on our date?”

“It’s a surprise!” As I was about to say something back to him, the front doors burst open and shots are fired from five mysterious guys in ski masks. The next thing I hear is Mr. Brooks shouting, “Get Down!” Before I bring my attention to the gunmen, I notice Liam on the ground and bleeding. One of the bullets fired must have went through the wall and into his chest. I rush over to him and try to see how serious the wound is. The blood doesn’t show signs of stopping and it looks like it’s coming from his chest. I try my best to stop the blood, but nothing seems to be working. I know Liam is going to die, but I don’t want to admit it. As blood is still pouring out, Liam looks at me and takes my hand and says, “I love you.” Then his eyes shut and his hand loosens its grip. I start crying because I know he is gone for good. Not even a few minutes later, Mr. Brooks pulls me away from Liam. He says, “It’s too late, there’s nothing we can do for him. We need to focus on finding a safe place before they come looking for us.”

Mr. Brooks Point of View:

I have to keep Rebecca safe because I don’t know what I would do without her. The first safe place I can think of is under one of the desks. So I grab her hand and we sneak into my office and hide under my desk. I’m trying to comfort Rebecca because if the gunmen hear her sobs, they will find us. “I’m so sorry Liam is gone.” I make a brave move and hug her, she doesn’t resist and hugs me back tightly. If we weren’t in this dangerous situation, I could enjoy it more. I honestly feel bad for Rebecca, since she seemed like she really liked him and he really liked her. But then the door bursts open and we hear voices and they say, “We need to find her! Keep searching, I’ll look in here.”