They say dogs are man's best friend. There are countless Instagram accounts dedicated to sharing cute photos of them and millions of people watch videos on youtube of dogs doing literally anything. Dogs are some of the most adored animals on earth, but there is a significant amount of us that have never had a dog growing up. There are some things you will only understand if you have never had a dog of your own.

1. You get WAY too excited when you see a dog.

You don't get puppy cuddles at home and so any prospect of being able to see, greet, or pet a dog is like Christmas for you. Every time you see a dog you instantly turn into a living heart-eye emoji and pray to the doggy gods that the owner will invite you to pet them.

2. You ask your friends to send you pictures of their dogs when you are sad.

At this point, you have a library of screenshotted dog snaps from your pals that they probably don't even need to send you any more photos. My friends know that all they have to do to make my day is send me a photo of their dog.

3. You have no idea why people consider walking dogs a chore. For you, it is an honor.

Honestly, I get so excited when people ask me to walk their dogs. I am going out for a walk or run anyways, and to have a fluffy little friend to keep me company is a dream come true. I would be lying if I told you I never considered dropping out of school to become a full-time dog-walker.

4. Toothy dogs scare the crap out of you at first.

If you are anything like me, you were told that dogs can be dangerous. So the first time a dog trying to play with you and came at you with their teeth, you probably had a heart attack and never wanted to touch that dog ever again. You had no idea that many dogs, especially puppies, explore with their mouths and have no intention of actually biting you.

5. You think about your future dog non-stop.

Most people have been planning their wedding or their first house, but you fantasize about what your first dog will be like. You have everything planned out. You know what breed you would prefer, what you want to name the dog, what you two are going to do on weekends, What you want to dress them up as for Halloween, and basically every other detail about becoming a dog parent.