I'll Never Forget That Year At Summer Camp

Summer camps tend to be one of the most popular jobs for college students. From athletic camps, to scout camps, the opportunities are endless. In my opinion, working a summer camp is one of the best jobs a student could have. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work various athletic camps. Although some may disagree, here is why I think summer camps rock.

1. You aren't out spending endless amounts of money.

When you're a camp counselor, there are usually limited opportunities when you need to/ can spend money. In the summer is when I tend to blow the most money. Freedom has its downsides. About 75% of my money goes towards Mexican food, margaritas, and crop tops I will never wear.

2. Rather, you are saving AND making money.

3. Great connections can be created.

Congrats! If you are reading this, you've probably at some point in your life scored a camp counselor job. Since you worked through a camp without losing campers or burning the dining hall down, it is likely you will be in consideration to be rehired. Better yet, you could be qualified for a more selective camp, accompanied by a larger pay. (CHA CHING).

4. You find yourself at a home away from home.

Leaving to teach at a summer camp for an extended period of time can create a new routine in your summer. By the end of the week, I was surprisingly very sad to leave my rickety twin bed and 4:30 dinner call.

5. That feeling of being a kid again comes alive.

6. A guaranteed 20+ Instagram followers will appear in the near future.

Let’s be honest. We all love and appreciate the extra likes. Hit that like button please. But unfortunately, a Snapchat request may also be just around the corner. Sorry campers, nothing personal, but that’s just too personal.

7. One word: GEAR.

Every camp counselor loves the uniform swag no matter what type of clothing it is. A broke college student will take any free clothing that comes their way!

8. You can tack on another set of skills to your resume.

Regardless of the type of camp, this type of job is great to slap on that resume. The responsibility camp counselors have is enormous. If you can say that you successfully maintained the safety and positivity of your campers, bullet point that sucker and put it on your resume!

9. If you are outside, nicely bronzed skin will soon follow.

10. Camps provide flexible schedules.

Many camps last from anywhere to a few days, to maybe even a month. Having said, while a job like this may take up a consecutive week or so, more freedom awaits you. Also, since camps have definite time schedules, it is possible to book that trip to Cancun next month. Pineapple boats here I come!

11. A new definition of patience arises.

Everyone is different. I would like to say I am a pretty patient person. Having a brother with special needs, my family and I have learned to be more laid back and work in different ways with him. Each type of camp will have different people who require different amounts of attention and accommodations. I am a firm believer that working in different environments encourages you to communicate and handle situations in different ways. This will lead to a more adaptive personality.

12. Worthwhile memories are made.


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