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Cool Frat Bro You Can Chug A Four Loko And Live In Bro-Land But I Will Never Date You

Fraternities exist as an excuse for young men to take out their aggression and sexual insecurities on other young, more inferior boys.

Cool Frat Bro You Can Chug A Four Loko And Live In Bro-Land But I Will Never Date You

I could give a disclaimer about how this wasn't meant to sound like a rant but you know, so what. This is a damn rant. A rant against insecure assholes in letters who are riding on a pathetic four-year long power trip that leads them back to their mother's basement.

Wow. My animosity scares even me sometimes. Frat bros-Is that the politically correct term they go by these days? Don't want to offend anyone. Even though the entire existence of fraternities offends my eyes when I see the neon vineyard vines pledges attempting to drink their way into a cult.

I think I've gotten off to a rocky start. Let me rewind.

I am a sorority girl who loves greek life. I really do. And if you're like my boyfriend you'd call me hypocritical and frankly, I am. I see the hypocrisy. Actually, I embrace it. But I dare someone to come and try to debate with me on how sororities and fraternities are the same thing.

From an outsiders perspective, I could see why you'd think that. We have parties, chapter, and are named after the Greek alphabet, but in my opinion, that's where the similarities stop.

Fraternities exist today on the notion of brotherhood but truly exist as an excuse for young men to take out their aggression and sexual insecurities on other young, more inferior boys. Now before you come for my head, let me just say that I know there are exceptions to this. I am sure there are fraternities out there that truly love and respect each other without hazing and defilement.

But I have yet to hear of any.

In case you're a freshman, you live under a rock, or you enjoy living in denial. Joining a fraternity is hell. I have never heard of a frat that doesn't haze in some way or another. And the bigger the school the grosser and creepier it is.

I won't even include examples because honestly, this article would probably be flagged and taken down because it's so revolting. I hear the experiences of friends and I truly feel like vomiting. Just imagine the most depraved acts that no one would ever do to another human being, now imagine something worse than that and you've found fraternities. The stories I hear keep me up at night and make me lose all faith in humanity. These are the future leaders, business owners and dating pool of our country.

And I'm not saying all fraternities operate on the same scale because that is an aggressive accusation that even I wouldn't make. I'm just saying fraternity hazing exists in even the "nice" frats.

The reason I would never, ever, ever date someone in a fraternity is because I straight up couldn't look them in the eye after knowing what they allowed to be done to them. Think about it like this. If you start dating in college he's either going to be a pledge or an older member in the fraternity.

If he's a pledge you are dating someone who lets men defile and harm him for the sake of fitting in. So what's so bad about that? I want a man, emphasis on man, who is confident and secure enough in himself that if anyone tried to force him to do something or harm him in any way he would remove himself from the situation and alert the college of what is happening. See that's a real man.

I couldn't date someone so insecure that they dive head first into bro-land and let themselves be humiliated to belong. That's embarrassing. Or not sexy at all.

Like cool babe, you can chug eight four locos and vomit on yourself to be cool and have friends, way to go!

If you're an older fraternity member that's even worse. Not only did you let all that disgusting shit happen to you, but now you get your rocks off doing it to other scared, insecure boys. Now you are dating a brainwashed sadist who actually believes that abusing others leads to a "brotherly bond."

Let's be honest, hazing is largely about sexuality, masculinity and a fear of their sexualities as a whole. So they do weird perverted stuff to gain the dominant stance over submissive pledges. It's some crazy psychology that's happening in those guys brains and I don't want to be a part of the power play.

And lets not even get into the perspective some frat bros have on women and what happens at a lot of frat parties because that's two more articles in and of itself. What's the number one rule in college again? Oh yeah, never take a drink at a frat party. That's all I have to say.

You might be the "nice" frat guy who doesn't participate in hazing or drugging of women, but what's arguably worse than that is someone that is a bystander who watches and lets it happen. If I was ever in a million years going to date a frat bro, he'd have to be the one who was standing up for his beliefs and not letting intimidation factors scare him from doing the right thing. Weak guys without a backbone aren't appealing to me.

I'm just sick of the idolization that frat boys revel in. It protects them from the law and growing up. The most common argument I hear defending frat bros is, "Boys will be boys." Well, guess what. I want a man, and you should too.

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