Never Again
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Never Again

Discussions of abortion.

Never Again

Against a tarnished wall sat a scratched wooden, unhinged door decorated with messy graffiti and a faded sign designating that this space was once the ladies' room. Inside were facilities even more foul. A cracked sink, a clogged toilet and two bodies intertwined in a courtship of skin. It's an unknown man with an unknown name pressed against a wall with a woman, who was fully aware of his body. Underneath her fleshy palm, she can feel the heat emitting from his toned form. His chapped hands roam all over the curvature of her body igniting sensations that caused a frenzy in her core. Each immodest kiss they shared created more desire. Slowly, the unknown man began to slip his paws between the gap of her jeans. "Come on, baby," his slurred words echoed in the woman's ears. His wet lips attached themselves to her slender neck, she allowed her head to gravitate upward, the man gaining more territory to explore. Her fingers coursed and gripped his blonde locks; her hazel eyes gazing at the ceiling, seeing a broken light. She noticed the exposed wires; they seem to still be burning with an amber glow. She concentrated on that light.

That light.

She remembered that light with the hue of fluorescents and an uncountable beat of flickering. Sporadic shaking overwhelmed the nerves in her physique, she tried to calm down her erratic breathing to the flickering light, but it proved to be difficult. Her trembling fingers made their way down to her abdomen felling the small bump through the flimsy straight dress. She reminded herself that this was the right decision. She couldn't take care of it. She preferred to have a flat fitted body, no bumps or a bulging roundness attached to her youthful frame. The girl interlocked her fingers together placing them on top of her heart feeling the turbulent battering against her chest. Soon, a white-coated figure with foggy faced features entered the room carrying an indecent smile on their face.

"How are we today? Good?" the doctor interrogated the girl on the examination bench. She bounced her head up and down.

"Nervous, my dear? Don't worry most patients only experience mild discomfort with this type of procedure," assured the unpromising physician, turning their back. The woman's feet strapped in stirrups leaving her wide open. She was on display to not only the doctor but to the eyes of those above. "It's the right decision," the thought popping into her mind. The brims of her eyes burned with forming tears, her tawny orbs bounced in their sockets observing the room. White, white and white. All she saw was the blinding white. Her already heaving chest cavity became maniacal. She felt the rising bile in the back of her esophagus.

"Calm down sweetheart," said the doctor turning back toward the sprawled woman with a scalpel gripped in their hand. "you'll no longer have to worry about what lies in your stomach," the words dripped with as the blade angled toward her womb.

She untied her hands from around the man's neck and shoved him off with a shaking might. His confused face didn't match her fearful one with tear-stained cheeks. "I can't," explained the woman fixing her disheveled top and wiping the stray tears falling from her eyes. She walked out of the bathroom wrapping her arms tightly around her thin figure as a way of keeping herself together. Never again. She never wants to be in that room again. To never again lay on a cold table displayed to the world. To never again flinch at the cheerful tone that a child exudes when they call out to their mommy. She can't go through that pain again.

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