My recent binging of Netflix's original movies and TV shows and the hype behind them made me question many things...With recent criticism against its programs such as Insatiable and Sierra Burgess is a Loser, it begs the question what about high school students and consent is so mysterious that the network keeps getting it this horribly wrong?

Now Netflix does many things well... it has compelling original series with diverse casts and representation on screen. Which is why when Insatiable first hit, it took me back. Now I understand it was marketed as a dark comedy. But the writing and conceptualization were lazy and the characters so dislikable and unempathized. I could barely sit through the first episode.

Now you might say, wait how can you judge a show by the first episode? To which I will agree and reply "I watched one more and after that I couldn't put myself through the pain of watching the cringy writing and the very dislikable characters." Later on, I read detailed reviews and safe to say, I found many like-minded individuals. So imagine my surprise when I saw that Insatiable was getting a second season!

Before I end up just going off on an anti-Insatiable tirade, let me get to the reason of this article. 'Sierra Burgess is A Loser', now this movie I sat through; but the only reason was not Sierra but rather Veronica.

This movie had many components working for it. The unpopular plump high schooler? A high school quarterback who isn't a douche (I'm looking at you Noah Flynn) and is a genuinely nice guy? A strangely enticing friendship between Sierra and the mean girl Veronica? The mean girl who isn't one dimensional? All of this Sierra Burgess has, it defied many cliches and I was honestly hoping for a unique ending.

But what do I get instead? A very badly written catfishing plot, that just goes on and on…. A kissing scene where it raised questions about consent and the sleaziness behind it, a scene that mocked many in the deaf community and a well built and intriguing friendship (which honestly could have been more) broken over the most petty reason and in the most vicious way possible and in the end an all is forgiven for the creepy and disrespectful way Sierra treats others, Horrah let's be friends ending.

I get that Netflix is a platform to be edgy and different but the writing needs to improve.

You can have a protagonist who isn't all sunshine and daisies, in fact, characters who are morally grey sometimes even dark are always more fun but own up to the character's flaw and don't make it look okay. You don't get to treat people like shit and have them rooting for you! Consequences regardless if you are the protagonist for shitty behavior would make television honestly more interesting, in fact, it would be edgier!