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I Watched 'Workin' Moms' On Netflix And Now I'm Scared About Life

It may not be a reality show but it does target stressful possibilities of what happens when you're not only a mom, but a mom who works!

I Watched 'Workin' Moms' On Netflix And Now I'm Scared About Life

This Canadian sitcom is about four working moms who just gave birth and are trying to adapt to their weird and new lifestyle with being both a mom and a worker. It captures so many varying ways of life and how their babies and becoming a mother has impacted their life, mentally, physically, and spiritually (and even financially). This show depicts sides of motherhood that media really loves to hide, and that being a mother isn't all that great. It honestly sucks. The following are the characters in the shows and their descriptions, followed by why I am scared after seeing what their life has become after childbirth.

*Low Key Spoilers*

Kate. She lives in a very typical household with a husband, a dog, and her newborn. She is head of a huge corporate company and is the breadwinner of her family. It was extremely difficult for her to leave her baby initially, especially knowing that her work hours are going to be the worst. She and her husband hired a nanny, but as soon as Kate found out she is missing out on things like his first steps or his first words, she feels super upset. Later on, you find out she is offered a huge promotion which relocates her four a couple of months. The decision she has to make is to take the offer and rise in the corporate world, or be there for her family and be present as her son grows up in his early months.

Ugh. That is SO TOUGH. I mean *fingers crossed* I'm trying to be like Kate over here with the cash money and the perfect husband and the cutest baby, but if I had to choose between my child or a huge promotion which will benefit my child then I wouldn't know what to do. I feel like this would be different if this wasn't her first child or if she hadn't literally just given birth to him. I can't imagine how much of a toll would take on a mother and how difficult this would be. But I mean come on, six more figures in my paycheck doesn't sound all that bad, right?

Anne. She lives with her adorable husband with a daughter and a newborn, so she's been through this all before. But this time it's different-- She happens to be pregnant again. Yes, right after giving birth to her newborn. Her family isn't financially great and this new baby on the way would make things worse. Her husband is so excited and can't wait for this baby to come, while Anne is torn between having an abortion or to keep the baby. She knows that having the abortion would be best for her family but when she went to the clinic, she couldn't do it and decided to keep the baby. Both she and her husband are therapists and work from home and have their sessions conveniently in their living room. The issue is whether or not they will be stable after this baby makes its way into the world.

Ummm this is the worst. Imagine being accidentally pregnant, not being able to afford to have the baby, but not being able to abort it because your heart just isn't letting you. That must SUCK. Babies are EXPENSIVE and especially with two kids already, being a young parent with three kids will be nearly impossible. I don't know how people do it.

Frankie. She lives with her wife and newborn in a cute little house where she is a realtor. Frankie faces postpartum depression, like, severe postpartum depression. She isn't all that excited after her baby is born and there were times where she would try to kill herself unconsciously. Her wife noticed this and told her to stop working so her wife took up a teaching job while Frankie stayed at home with the baby to try and bond. She just couldn't do it, and sometimes even put the baby in harm's way. She's trying her best but doesn't know what to do and eventually goes to therapy. She feels like a freak and that she is a danger to her baby.

This is literally my worst nightmare. Like I know it's normal for everyone to have a little postpartum after giving birth up to around two weeks but having it to go on for weeks, or months? No way. And even having thoughts lead to suicide--I can't even imagine how hard it may be and what kinds of overwhelming thoughts a mom may have after giving birth. HIGH KEY SCARED TO HAVE KIDS? The entire show you just can't help but feel bad for Frankie, she can't help it.

Alice. She lives with her stay-at-home hunk of a husband and her newborn. She works at a small computer software company and is having some--thoughts. It's been a minute since she's had any action after giving birth and she just isn't interested in her husband anymore but doesn't know how to articulate it. He may be a stay at home dad, but doesn't really DO anything. Kind of a slob? She has a new boss at work that she has a major crush on and tries to trap him. She doesn't really understand that what she is doing is so wrong until she hooks up with a guy from a club she goes out to one night.

FIRST OF ALL, HER HUSBAND IS SO HOT WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT. Secondly, oh my God just communicate with your husband, is it that hard? But falling out of love is a real thing and is so scary to think about. It just happens and you can't really explain it and I can't imagine how hard it is for the person on the other end to take that in without any of their questions being answered. Also, I hate Alice.

Being a mom means working your A** off, but this show captures the reality of being a working mom, I appreciate all the moms out there who have two jobs like these women.

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