The Definitive Ranking Of Netflix's Christmas Rom-Coms, From Bingeworthy To Cringeworthy

The Definitive Ranking Of Netflix's Christmas Rom-Coms, From Bingeworthy To Cringeworthy

When you're snuggled up at 10 p.m. in Christmas PJs and a hot cup of cocoa, here are some movies that will make you feel merry and bright.


Romantic comedy. A genre that never ceases to amaze me. Love can create so many stories. At Christmas time, these stories get a little bit cheesier and snowier, but that doesn't mean they're all bad. Here is how the Christmas love stories on Netflix break down.

1. BINGE: "A Christmas Prince"

This movie is one of the best things Netflix has ever done. It takes place in Aldovia, a fictional European country, and follows Amber Moore, a journalist from New York, as she discovers and reports on all of the wonders of this snowy, quaint kingdom. The Prince and soon to be King, Richard, and Amber bicker and argue, but with the help of Richard's sister, Princess Emily, the two start to grow closer and eventually fall in love. And they just made a sequel. So basically, we all want to move to Aldovia now.

2. BINGE: "The Holiday Calendar" 

I won't lie, the first time I watched it I cried. Probably because I'm a generally sappy person. But this story is so heartwarming. It's about friendship, love, finding your passion, and family. Plus, Abby Sutton is a forced to be reckoned with and I love her. You will, too. We stan.

3. CRINGE: "A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale"

I can't say that this movie doesn't have redeeming qualities... like dogs. I am a sucker for dogs. But the movie starts off with a girl seeking work because she can't afford a necklace after she maxes out her credit card... that her parents provide for her... and when she does find a job, so only starts to like it after like a million people convince her it isn't that bad. Not my favorite.

4. CRINGE: "The Spirit Of Christmas"

A story of a businesswoman attempting to help sell an old hotel in the middle of nowhere. The man working in the hotel warns her it is haunted. And guess what... it is. With an actor that looks like Henry Cavill as a hipster (not a bad thing, but like... odd for a ghost.) There were cute moments in the movie, but there was so much going on during the film that it wasn't really all that enjoyable.

5. BINGE: "Christmas Wedding Planner"

Is this movie going to win an Oscar? No. Is it going to make you want to get married at Christmas time and solve a few mysteries? Absolutely.

6. CRINGE: "Merry Kissmas"

So, picture this. You're engaged to a cheating, overdramatic, needy, and rather controlling choreographer. BUT, one morning, while visiting the town where his show is performing (the Nutcracker), you are running to escape a shop owner and somehow run into an apartment complex, into the elevator, grab the stranger standing next to you, and start making out. For no reason?? Love this plot. Phenomenal writing. They cast beautiful characters but other than that I can't see how this movie could get over a 1% on Rotten Tomatoes. (Its audience score is 21%... somehow?)

7. BINGE: "The Princess Switch"

Vanessa Hudgens playing Stacy DeNovo AND Lady Margaret. One is a fun baker from Chicago who is best friends with Kevin, her sou chef, and his daughter Olivia. The other is a duchess who is engaged to the prince of Belgravia, even though they aren't in love and it's more of a strategic arrangement. When DeNovo, Kevin, and Olivia travel to Belgravia for a baking competition, she happens to run into Lady Margaret. And then there is a whole "Parent Trap" situation and the two trade places for a bit. It's wild.

8. CRINGE: "Christmas With A View"

I don't know what is worse; the way the movie forces awkward chemistry between two of the main characters or the fact that the main characters best friend's name is Bonnie and she's dating a man named Clive. What? I really don't have words for this film.

9. CRINGE: "Christmas Inheritance"

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Eliza Taylor. She is amazing in "The 100." But this movie is a little too chaotic. Her love interest is like lowkey mean to her for the first third of the movie.

10.  BINGE: "Love Actually"


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Cover Image Credit: The Online Entrepreneur

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We Need To Stop Hating On Cassie

Give the girl a break, this is her life!


So, we just saw the dramatic parts 1&2 of "The Bachelor" season finale, and I don't like that people are giving Cassie a hard time! To give a bit of background, Colton was down to his final three girls and the fantasy suite overnight dates. Colton had his date with Tayshia, then we went onto his date with Cassie. On their date, Cassie informed him that she didn't think that she was in love with him and she wasn't ready to get engaged. Colton then broken-heartedly told her that she was the frontrunner and the only one that he wanted to be with, and they didn't have to necessarily get engaged. Cassie stuck to her gut and still wanted to leave, thinking that she was in the way of a different successful relationship for him. This led Colton to have the famous fence jump breakdown, and then go break up with Tayshia and Hannah G (who hadn't even had her date yet).

Colton decides to go back after Cassie and fight for her because he knows there is nobody else he wants to be with. After she finds out he dumped the other girls and Colton reiterates they can take it slow, she agrees to get back together and finish out the show. On the "After The Final Rose," we find out that they are still together and dating.

People had a problem with Cassie when she let the first time because she had defended herself for weeks from attacks from the other girls that she was ready for marriage when they were accusing her that she wasn't. She told Colton repeatedly that she was ready, and then all of a sudden she no longer is. People were also questioning the circumstance where Cassie and Caelynn talked about "what if" one of them could be "The Bachelorette," and saying that Cassie could have the wrong intentions. She was also taking hate for going on the show if she knew the wasn't ready to get married.

I have major problems with these points. First of all, of course, Cassie is going to defend herself during the process, just because she doesn't know that she is in love with him doesn't mean that she doesn't care about him. She wanted to ride out the process and see how it goes. She did not want to get sent home early on before she even knew what her final feelings were going to be yet. At that point, she didn't know how far her feelings were going to progress, all she knew was that she liked him and she wanted to keep going on and learning about him. I don't blame her for sticking up for herself.

Secondly, I don't think a person can know if they are ready or not to get married until they actually meet the right person. I just don't think it is possible to know ahead of time. Every relationship is different and goes at different paces when the reality of it all set in, she started to feel differently, and that's okay. For her and Colton, this is their real lives, not just entertainment for all of us. She has to do what is best for her, and being in these situations can be confusing and messy.

Lastly, of course, the girls are going to be thinking about "The Bachelorette." It is common knowledge that one of the higher placing girls will be the next Bachelorette, and these people are sequestered together for weeks on end without any connections to their phones or the outside world, all they are going to be doing is thinking of all the possible outcomes. I think maybe the comment was unnecessary, but I bet that every single girl was thinking about it, and I don't think its a big deal. I am so tired of the "right reasons" police. Every girl that goes on this goes in thinking "If I fall in love, great. If not, I get tons of followers, "Bachelor in Paradise," a free vacation, and a ton of new friends." That is how it goes. Everyone has other reasons other than love, and that is okay. It is a TV show for goodness sake. What do you expect?

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