5 Need To Watch Netflix Films
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The 5 Best Netflix Original Films

Out of the many series the service has provided.


Netflix has made many films over the years, and many of them are really great! Their focus used to be on series but over the years they have been making more and more movies. I have yet to watch many of them, but I watched a few and today I wanted to share five films with you, that I think you should see.



A very interesting movie that places in the science fiction genre. Two lovers are stuck in a time-loop and have to find a way to escape. In the beginning you don't really understand what's happening, but when you do it's a great film. It has been very simply made but that's what makes it even better.



An English-Korean movie that portrays love in the ultimate form, animal welfare and the life of a young girl. It should open our eyes and make us do something about the animal industry.

To The Bone


Controversial film that portrays an anorexic girl, played by Lily Collins. I thought it was very good and a real eye opener. You should definitely watch it. Of course, trigger warning for eating disorders.



You love it or you hate it. But I thoght it was an amazing movie. Apart from the fantasy genre I really love, it also hints towards the black lives matter movement.

What Happened, Miss Simone?


Documentary about the tragic life of the legendary Nina Simone. Must watch if you're interested in the civil rights movement, or her music in general.

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