Neil Breen’s Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

Neil Breen’s Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

All of his movies should be cherished, but some are better than others…

Alexandra Michalski

If you have never heard the name Neil Breen, allow me to explain. Have you ever watched a movie so bad it was good? Well, Neil is the epitome of this film archetype. He writes, directs, and acts as the main character in every film, adding to their charm. With five feature films under his belt, Neil shows no signs of stopping. While many of his films have overlapping themes (so many in fact, that you can play Breengo instead of Bingo) each one makes it unique and hysterical.

Pass Thru (2016)

How long did it take him to set up all these rocks? The world may never know.

Alexandra Michalski

A time-traveling Neil Breen is at the center of this film. The highlight? Neil spinning around in the middle of the desert surrounded by rocks that he must have spent hours laying out for this very scene. Also known as the first film Neil had access to a drone. Otherwise, it's the weakest of all the Neil Breen films.

Double Down (2007)

In the words of Neil Breen: "Where are you?!"

Alexandra Michalski

Neil Breen's first feature film is best watched when your so drunk the floor is spinning. With no plot in sight, viewers are left guessing what the movie is even about. All we know is that Neil is a hacker, won tons of medals (which he lists), and there's something about the world ending? The highlight of this film is the pool scene where the entire world is exposed to Neil Bremen's ball sack. Yes, you read that right. In between clips of stock footage, Neil exposes himself truly putting himself out there in his first film ever.

I am Here... Now (2009)

Who did it better? Hamlet or Neil?

Alexandra Michalski

Neil acts as alien space Jesus in this wonder of a movie. If you cut out the repeated clips of stock footage, the film is easily one of Neil's greatest projects to date. There are two highlights in this film: the unexplained baby doll heads in the desert and the Home Depot style crucifixions.

Fateful Findings (2013) 

You have to give Neil some credit, his fake blood looks insanely realistic in this film.

Alexandra Michalski

This movie is the gateway drug into the Neil Breen fandom. With magic rocks, laptop violence, and hacking the government yet again, this film is one of Neil's best works. The highlight of this film? Just watch the first five minutes, and you'll see why.

Twisted Pair (2018)

Fun Fact: I donated $50 to help fund this movie... I have no regrets.

Alexandra Michalski

While I haven't gotten a chance to watch this film yet, the trailer leads one to believe that this will beat the best Neil Breen film ever. After all, what's better than one Neil? Two obviously! Yes, you read that right, Neil Breen plays a set of twins in this movie, one with an absolutely horrible beard. Fingers crossed it comes out on DVD soon!

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