"Thirteen Reasons Why," was a very relatable show that was both beautiful and flawed. I can see both sides of the argument when people try to explain how it was positive or negative, but either way I believe there are some important things to notice about the show.

1. Everyone was a victim:

Hannah was not the only victim of the show, in fact every single character of the show was a victim in some way.

2. The show was suppose to give perspective:

The show was not suppose to make you hate any one character. Yes Courtney was annoying at times, but she was going through a real dilemma. And yes Tyler was a stalker, but he obviously had a mental disorder along with the belief that he was in love with Hannah. Not only them look at how Justin has basically lived his whole life feeling unloved, and that leads him to allow someone else to get hurt because he didn't want to ruin a family that gave him everything. Don't look at the show through just Hannah's eyes, look at the show through everyone's.

3. The show does not say suicide is an option:

I 100% don't agree with the fact that Hannah's suicide was shown on screen and there are a couple things I believe that could possibly make people think suicide ok, however overall the show does not try to make it an option. The biggest reason why I say this is because of the inclusion of the parents. Seeing Hannah's parents ,so damaged shows how the pain Hannah felt was still left behind. Not only that Clay felt like he was the complete cause and Alex ended up trying to kill himself. That's one thing many people miss is that the show tries to fight suicide by showing the pain that others fell if you leave them behind.

4.Hannah's words hurt to:

I believe the pain Hannah felt because of the words of others was important for the audience to see, but I want everyone to remember that what Hannah said hurt to. Remember that Zach never had ill intentions yet she said cruel words to him, so although he did something cruel and uncalled for I believe everyone needs to know she did to. She did the same thing other characters in the show did and that is redirect her anger on to someone else.

5.Mr.Porter could not do anything:

It sad, but Mr. Porter could not do much about Hannah. Hannah had confidentiality and she did not want to say who raped her. In the end he could not be completely blamed. Yes, I believe he should have stepped out of bounds and notified her parents, but I can see why he did nothing.

The show did show a very unfortunate situation, but even though all the characters on the tapes were to blame they to were victims of the show. If Hannah had lived I believe she would have one day been able to seen that everyone was fighting an enteral battle.