5 Things Literally Everyone Can Benefit From If They're Needing Some Summer Motivation
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5 Things Literally Everyone Can Benefit From If They're Needing Some Summer Motivation

Summer has officially started and I cannot be more excited!

5 Things Literally Everyone Can Benefit From If They're Needing Some Summer Motivation
Lauren Cox

Summer has officially started and I cannot be more excited! This summer is definitely going to be better than usual because usually, I'm working on my summer assignments and last year, I was scrambling to get everything ready before i started college. Now that I've learned the ropes, I'm taking this summer to relax and get my life together and to do that, I've made a list of five of my goals I hope to accomplish and maybe you will too!

1. Workout

I have said this every year for my New Years resolutions and for summer, but this time, I'm forcing myself to follow through with it. I went to a gym in my hometown today and officially signed up and paid the fees and everything! My suggestion for this; do it with a buddy so you can old each other accountable. My dad and I signed up together so hopefully, we will go together and not only get fit, but have some quality bonding time together!

2. Eat healthier

Again, I say this every year but so far, I've been pretty good. My main goals with this is to cut out soda from my diet and just eat smaller quantities. Since soda costs extra at restaurants and I have barely any money, that should be easy and as for the smaller quantities, I've been buying less snacks at the grocery store so I haven't had the temptation to eat because I'm bored like usual.

3. Make money

Since I'm a college student now, I've been learning to be less dependent on my parents for money. It hasn't been fun, but I know it's what's best for me. I started applying for jobs before I even got home and already have one and hopefully have a few more coming! I know how important it is for me to save up so my goal is to be working as much as possible.

4. Spend more time outside

Sometimes, I find myself locked in my room watching Netflix and I've been thinking about how silly that is. It's been so nice outside and a little Vitamin D never did any harm! Whether it's taking a walk with my mom, or spending some time at the pool, I just want to enjoy this summer and the beautiful weather while I have the time to.

5. Try new things

Since I've been at school I've been forced to eat at different restaurants than I'm used to, and do different activities. This made me realize how boring my life has been in my hometown even though there are so many new things to try. I definitely want to venture out to some other towns and see what they have to offer.

I am so excited for this summer and getting my life back on a healthier track! I don't have many summers left at home, so I want to make the most of my time here with my family and friends. Hopefully, this motivates y'all to seize the day and live in the moment!

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