Why You NEED To Get The Flu Shot Now!
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Why You NEED To Get The Flu Shot Immediately

Unfortunately not everyone can get the flu shot, so here's why YOU should!


It has recently come to my attention, several people I know or have talked to recently do not get their flu vaccination on a yearly basis. Right now we are heading towards the peak of the flu season which is in February, but you can get the flu at any time of the year. Below are several reasons why you NEED to go get the flu shot right now!

1. Group Immunization (Herd Immunity).


Group Immunization is best described as people who get the shot create a vaccination barrier between those who are ill and those who are unable to get the shot. As illustrated above, the more people who are vaccinated, the harder it is for the flu to jump to the next person who has not been vaccinated. This is why doctors and scientists push for everyone to be up-to-date on their shots! According to the CDC with the most recent data being 2016 flu season, approximately 59% of children in the United States were vaccinated for the flu, and approximately 42% of adults in the United States were vaccinated.

2. Group Immunization!

Group immunization is also extremely important for those who can not get vaccinated! Babies younger than 6 months old CAN NOT get a vaccination. Others who can not receive a vaccination are those who have an allergic reaction to the vaccination (talk to your doctor as there are alternative methods of protecting yourself and others) and those who go uninsured may not have the same opportunities as people who have insurance covering the flu shot. Infants and adults 65 or older are at a higher risk in general to catch the flu.

If you have a child 6 months or younger during flu season, make sure to limit how much they go out of the house. Make sure family members and anyone else in contact with the baby is up to date with vaccinations. After being out in public be sure to thoroughly wash your hands before touching anything baby-related.



For those of you who are scared of needles, there is a solution just for you my friend!

There is a nasal spray that can protect you from some strains of the flu. Depending on your insurance and your doctor's office, this might be a great option for you! Call your doctor's office to find out.


There is a widespread myth that people, unfortunately, believe about the flu vaccination giving you flu-like symptoms.

This is very unlikely as there is a small chance you would be allergic to the vaccine.

But I already hear you typing in the comments, "I've gotten sick off of the flu shot before!" There are two main causes to this...

First, you may be allergic (as stated before), please talk to your doctor right away to discuss alternative treatment options. Second, you know before you get the shot most times they ask if you are sick, feeling unwell, or have a list of different symptoms? They are asking this to make sure you don't already have a cold. I have already gone through this pain. I only had a small case of the sniffles and didn't think it was a "big deal" at the time. I told the doctor I wasn't sick since I finally had time to get into the office for a vaccination. Big mistake!

When given the flu shot your immune system kicks into high gear, analyzing what was put into your body, that way your body can essentially be "on the look-out" for when something like that should enter again (the flu virus). When you are already feeling under the weather and then get the shot, your body still goes into high gear, and panics (at the disco!). Practically, it is information overload for your immune system. Long story short, I felt like crap when I did that.

5. GrOuP iMmUnIzAtIoN.


Vaccinations are NOT scientifically proven to CAUSE autism.

Andrew Wakefield is the scientist who originally claimed vaccinations (he especially targeted the measles vaccine) caused autism. This man did NOT appropriately conduct his studies, and did not have a random sample of children! He basically tailored the results of his "study" to the answer he wanted.

After he published the article and the public was swarmed by this news, he was investigated. It was discovered he did all of the above and was discredited from the profession, lost his job, and all credibility. To the average person, it might not seem like a "big deal" what he did. In the science community, doing what he did is the same as you lying on your tax return and the IRS finding out. He is a fraud!

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