7 Day Trips To Take In North Carolina

7 Day Trips For The North Carolina College Student Over Spring Break

Whether you just forgot to plan a vacation or you're on a tight budget, here are seven fun day trips that will redeem your spring break!


Spring break caught me by surprise this year. I typically have my life planned out months in advance, but this semester has been crazily hectic and I completely forgot to plan a vacation. Still, I'm determined to make the most of my spring break. So if your spring break is more of a staycation than the trip of a lifetime, here are seven fun day trips you should take to make this spring break at home memorable.

1. Spend a day on the Blue Ridge Parkway


The Blue Ridge Parkway is 469 miles of outstanding natural beauty. From mountains and campsites to wildflowers and wineries, the Blue Ridge Parkway has something for everyone to enjoy. Boone, N.C. has a great access point for hikers, kayakers, and those who just want to drive somewhere with their windows down. Top the day off with ice cream or fudge from Kilwin's. Yummm.

2. Visit the Great Smokey Mountains National Park


Mills, fireflies, and black bears, oh my! Nestled in the border of North Carolina and Tennessee is the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. This park offers guided tours, beautiful hikes, and a glimpse into old mill life. I've been taking day trips here since I was a kid, and I always discover something new. The best part is, entry is free!

3. Set sail to the Outer Banks


Every North Carolinian should visit the Outer Banks at least once in their lifetime! The OBX has fresh seafood, three historic lighthouses, ferry rides, yoga classes, and volunteer recycling! What more could you wish for? According to US News Travel, March is one of the best times to visit the Outer Banks, which makes it a perfect spring break destination if you live in North Carolina's Piedmont or Coastal regions.

4. Go to the Western North Carolina Nature Center


The nature center in Asheville, N.C. is a wild and wonderful place to spend the day. Your 1.5 mile walk through the nature center will be both naturally serene and full of exciting wildlife! My favorite part is watching the otters swim and slide! If you happen to finish visiting the nature center early in the day, drive on over to the North Carolina Arboretum. You can hike, bike, and visit a range of garden exhibits. Keep in mind that the first Tuesday of every month is half price!

5. Hang out with a friend at a different school


All of my hometown best friends attend different universities across the state. I'm constantly hoping for an opportunity to go visit them, but my schedule makes that nearly impossible. Relatable, right? Interestingly enough, none of my friends at other universities have the same spring break as me. It would be so fun to visit a few of my friends over break, catch up on life, and explore the top spots in their college towns.

6. Take a tour of the Levine Museum


If you care about history even a little, you are sure to love your time at the Levine Museum of the New South. This museum is interactive, informative, and located in uptown Charlotte, N.C. After touring the museum, spend some time walking around uptown Charlotte or head on over to NoDa, Charlotte's art district, for fabulous dining and shopping. Remember to show your student ID at the Levine Museum for a discounted rate!

7. Explore your hometown

Qusai Akoud on Unsplash

I'm from a small, rural town and yet there are still places in my hometown that I've never been. Take a day to explore parts of your hometown that you've never seen before. Check out your town's history museum, a hip new restaurant, or the local bakery you've always wanted to try. You might even consider volunteering for a day in your favorite teacher's classroom or at the non-profit health clinic where your aunt works. Adventure is everywhere!

I wish you a fun, memorable, and restful spring break!

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10 Little Ways To Practice Mindfulness This Spring

Spring is a time for new beginnings!


Spring is the time to take initiative! All the new year's resolutions finally seem like something worth achieving. It's the first time the weather has been nice all year, and it feels like the start of something great. Even with all the pollen and the massive to-do list, life is truly wonderful.

1. Soak up the sun

After being all cooped up indoors or bundled in layers, for what seemed like forever, it's time to let our favorite star do its thing! Get some much-needed Vitamin D to feel energized and lifted after a miserable winter.

2. Stop to smell the flowers

I mean this both literally and figuratively. Spring gifts us with so much natural beauty and we're lucky enough to get to really let that set in and sense it. Take time to make the most of it. Smell the flowers, pet happy puppies, lie out in the soft grass.

3. Eat clean

The best fruit and vegetables are so fresh this time of year and it feels so good to eat what grows naturally. If you have any favorites, take advantage of how much better they are right now.

4. Go for a walk

It's the perfect time to clear your mind by taking a walk. If you're stressed out about all the things you have to do, go experience life as it happens (just maybe take an allergy pill first). You'll be surprised by how much better you feel.

5. Care for some plants

Plants are the kind of responsibility that feels good. And this is the best time to care for them because most of their needs are met with the sun and nice weather.

Spring clean!

Spring cleaning is a ritual! And it comes with high rewards. Give your closet, bedroom, or entire home the Marie Kondo treatment. Get rid of anything you don't need. It'll clear so much more than just your surroundings.

Practice yoga

In this case, "yoga" is a loose term. Basically, just relax. Stretch and get comfortable in your body, maybe even outside. Whatever feels right at the moment. It's a good time to start new habits that will have you feeling amazing.

8. Take a road trip

Roll the windows down, blast the best music, and go somewhere fun. It doesn't even matter what the destination is; the ride there is half the fun! The weather is perfect for a getaway.

9. Dress in a way that makes you happy

The weather is as versatile as will ever be this time of year, so take full advantage of that by dressing how you want. Just about anything goes. It's breezy enough to rock a few layers but sunny enough to go lighter. You have full creative freedom. Nothing's stopping you, especially not the weather!

10. Allow yourself to be inspired!

You can get inspired anywhere and at any moment, but there's something extra special about drawing inspiration from all the natural beauty this world has to offer. Turn the passion into something greater. With so much negativity, you can take this golden opportunity to change it.

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