Natural Fall Makeup All College Girls Can Do

Makeup. Most college girls' best and worst frenemy. You have tons of different products in your makeup bag, but absolutely no idea how to apply some of them, right? Or maybe you know how to apply them, but they don't look as good as you were hoping they would. Well worry no more because I am here to help!

Whether you are a makeup newbie looking to figure out some tricks to the trade, or a makeup expert who is just looking for a little more inspiration you will love this tutorial. I love makeup, both doing my own and other people's, so I made a little tutorial on how to achieve the perfect natural fall look.

This tutorial is SUPER simple, and can work with just about any budget. I show every product I use, and go step-by-step on how to apply every part of the look. Don't have the product I use, but something similar? Use it! You'll get almost the exact look, I promise. The gold/olive eyeshadow duo combined with a dark nude lip stick create a 'Natural Fall Look' that will look amazing with any chilly day outfit.

Let me know what you guys think, and if there's any other makeup how-to's that you would like to see!

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