Why Nancy Pelosi Is Bad
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Nancy Pelosi has a pretty odious ideology, perhaps her only saving grace is that it is not the same as Donald Trump or Mike Pence. It's true, she does not want to put children in cages, or get rid of civil rights. So is she really that bad?

Well yes, she is. Because she looks at the people on her right, who want to take away Social Security, invade Iran, end abortion, and do the things we mentioned before, and she seeks to find common ground with them. She vows to be "bipartisan" and work with them. She genuinely believes Republicans want what's best for the country.

Pelosi looks to her left and sees people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, people who want to make our planet liveable in 50 years and help poor people get jobs and not suffer. Nancy Pelosi then says "a glass of water" could replace her and openly ridicules the Green New Deal while failing to offer a solution of her own.

Shoutout to AOC for keeping a level head because if a co-worker told me that a glass of water could do my job… I would drop the f-bomb. And how we don't all drop f-bombs at Pelosi is beyond me.

Why does Pelosi hate Ocasio-Cortez so much? And she does hate her, she'll never openly say it, but all centrist Democrats distrust progressives more than Republicans. Frankly, Pelosi has more in common with Mitt Romney because she tries to paint herself as a progressive firebrand, but she's clearly not.

She is a centrist, and the center is constantly shifting to the right; centrists are unmistakably right-wingers and anyone who tries to categorize them as anything else is operating in bad faith. And if she was so progressive, she would not try to alienate outspoken progressives in the party like Ocasio-Cortez.

A legion of DNC lackey dipshits has taken to the op-ed sections, trying to frame Pelosi as a genius progressive who is just playing 4D chess with Republicans instead of actively opposing them. Pelosi has already made it clear she will only go as far as to work on the ACA instead of helping the party fight for Medicare For All.

She believes in doing this, she will appeal to a wider base of voters. And this will totally work, it's why we have President Hillary Clinton.

Pelosi thinks she can court progressives by saying "maybe later" on all the legislation they fight for, but the Republicans promise their voters they will fight tooth and nail to deliver their agenda, so which party has more power again?

And the worst part is, she makes these types of decisions because she is worried that Republicans will win forever by painting the Democrats as far-left socialists with ties to Stalin and completely alienate moderate voters.

Well, Nancy, the truth is the Republicans have painted every Democratic candidate as a Marxist since the McCarthy era. No matter who the Democrats nominate, Lenin or Richard Nixon, the GOP is going to use their propaganda wing to paint them all as dangerous leftists.

As for courting voters, the Republicans just nominated Donald Trump and are not going to launch any serious opposition against him in a primary. Trump's approval ratings remain low nationally, but Trump's favorability among Republicans remains high. Medicare for All and the Green New Deal are not what is keeping Republicans away, these people seriously believe the Clintons are Satan-worshipping pedophiles; they are never going to vote for Democrats no matter what.

So I seriously ask all the moderate voters out there that think nominating a moderate candidate that leans slightly more right than left on most issues is the only way to beat Trump in 2020, are you pretending the entire previous election just did not happen?

Also, take some time to go watch the ads used by Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections, all of the ads talked about how much they hate Nancy Pelosi. They said their Democratic opponent was one of "Pelosi's foot soldiers" etc. They use her as a fear tactic! A hatred of Nancy Pelosi motivates the GOP base! Who in their right mind would think she can win these people over?

Republicans win elections by appealing to the radicals in their base, for reference, see Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, Donald Trump, et al. The people running the show in the Democratic Party, Pelosi, Schumer, their donors, choose to fear their base instead and tell them they're wrong or being unrealistic.

Nothing gets people to the polls faster than you telling them they're asking for too much. And this myth that progressives are somehow akin to communists is the evilest McCarthyistic lies. If you think giving poor people healthcare is anywhere near Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution, you're either an idiot or a total piece of garbage.

The worst thing about Pelosi, and the mainstream Democratic Party, in general, is their moderate views on climate change. Pelosi scoffs at the Green New Deal and pledges that it would never pass. Okay then, Nancy, what is your plan to prevent a global catastrophe?

If I have kids when I'm 30, they could likely never know what it's like to have clean air and every city they try to live in will have a water crisis just like Flint. Democrats believe in climate change, they share the frightening statistics that we all already know, and then they say "we're gonna solve it by giving companies that use solar a tax credit and stopping drilling in 50 years, but with Republican opposition let's say… 100 years?"

I'm sorry what? The statistics are very frightening, most of the people I know under the age of 50 years are terrified of climate change. Pelosi and the Democrats not doing much about it, refusing to offer a serious, aggressive solution that will do something to save our planet is just as bad as denying climate change.

I did not discuss the Trump impeachment because frankly, I agree with Pelosi that it would run the risk of hurting the Democrats electorally. But at the end of the day, Nancy Pelosi is a bad politician, she shoots her own party in the foot and blames progressives. If she went after Mitch McConnell as much as she went after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we would all be better off.

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