I have never been intrigued enough or curious enough about whatever was currently going on in my life to reach out and go to a psychic. My family has never been particular fans of them and in all honesty, I was scared of what the psychic may tell me. However, I decided I'd let go of the stigmas and fear and decided to head a psychic fair at school for shits and gigs with a friend.

Little did I know that I would leave in tears. The psychic had asked me to pick ribbons out of a bag and would read me based off of the ribbons characteristics. I have never in my life expected another person to know me so well without even knowing me at all. She had said every possible thing that I needed to hear in that moment without even knowing my name, age, major, family life, anything. That single session I had with a physic sparked my interest into the realm of the unknown and led me to find some common myths about physics that I used to believe as true.

Myth 1: Physics can read your mind

Reality: Physics can and do NOT read your mind. Their practice comes from a natural gift to feel your energy. They can feel if you are happy, sad, anxious, curious, etc. and can pinpoint what is currently going on in your life as to why you are experiencing these emotions.

Myth 2: All physics are medium

Reality: There is a bit of a difference between being read by Theresa Caputo and Matt Fraser. Physics are able to see the past, present, and future events based on a person's energy. Mediums on the contrary, are able to go beyond the physical world and communicate directly with spirits in a different realm.

Myth 3: The only professional thing about physics is their expertise in scamming

Reality: Real physics undergo years and years of training by focusing their minds to channel out all other energies and focus on their own ground energy. Skills like these take lots of practice and focus which many people don't have the patience for. A talent like physics have is demanding and provides a true career for many.

Myth 4: Physics must be right 100% of the time

Reality: Although physics have a supernatural ability to read your energy and channel that into a reading, it is not guaranteed that everything they are going to tell you is 100% correct. The job of a physic is demanding and can be both mentally and physically exhausting and requires extreme focus. At the end of the day, physics are only human and humans make mistakes.

Myth 5: Physics are going to be able to tell you when and how you die

Reality: Professionals have a code of ethics that they must follow and it normally includes not telling people about things they cannot control which includes death and tragedies. It will not benefit a person to know their "fate" and live a life of fear trying to prevent it.