My Top 5 Favorite Characters From 'The Office'

My Top 5 Favorite Characters From 'The Office'

The ultimate ranking of characters from the best show ever.

I recently got into watching The Office about two summers ago and since then it is my Netflix binge go to. It is a lighthearted comedy about the trials and tribulations of Michael Scott manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Supply Company.

1. Michael Scott

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" -Wayne Gretsky -Michael Scott

The main man whom we begin the entire series with is an obvious choice for my number one. As a Steve Carrell, fan pre-silver fox look (Google it), I love watching him develop Michael Scott’s character. He maintains his love for his job and coworkers while also finding his true happiness. Michael Scott’s lines range from hilariously embarrassing to heartwarming all within one episode. He’s not always on spot with what’s appropriate to say or forward in the workplace but he certainly knows how to keep you laughing. Not to mention he's also written and starred in the classic film Threat Level Midnight.

2. Jim Halpert

Okay, Ryan Howard may be Michael Scott’s choice for hottest in the office but mine would certainly be Jim. I mean we all know that should’ve been the obvious choice when they played who would you do. Looks excluded, Jim keeps the office alive through different pranks like wrapping Dwight's desk up for Christmas, putting Dwight's desk items in a vending machine or gelatin, and making Dwight believe there is a real alliance among the office. Jim is one of the most creative and patient people in the office as he waits a long time to finally steal Pam's heart and he really puts himself out there to show her he cares. What a guy. Take notes, fellas.

3. Dwight Schrute

Dwight is lowkey crazy but also incredibly smart as well as ambitious when it comes to working. Whilst he deals with Jim's pranks he also manages to host a few pranks of his own. Dwight lives in his own world and believes that because it's so great he should create one just like it virtually. As Assistant to the Manager, you could call him Michael's right-hand man, right after Jim of course who is number two in the office. Dwight will always be one of my favorite characters because he is the character who will say or do something you would assume people wouldn't. Don't believe me? Take a look at his Halloween costumes. Dwight's intense personality keeps you on your toes as you wonder what he will do next in every episode and trust me you won't be disappointed. If you ever need a good laugh just go to the episode where he cuts the face off of a CPR dummy that will put you into stitches.

4. Kelly Kapoor

First of all, I love Mindy Kaling so naturally, I'm gonna love, Kelly. Kelly starts out a little quiet but they finally show her true colors when they start to intertwine her story with Ryan's. Kelly is obsessed with pop culture and adds it to any conversation whenever she finds opportunity. She's an overall incredibly happy character that keeps the office young. My favorite episodes are always the ones where she's filling Jim in on her life. While she is full of herself she definitely cares about Ryan Howard more than anything as she ditches relationships for him over again. I can only hope their dysfunctional relationship isn't based on a real one. Kelly serves as the little sister in the office family tree, at times she's crazy but you still love her and she is still a team player.

5. Pam Beesly

I know a lot of people love Pam and she would come before Kelly on most people's lists but Pam infuriates me when she takes forever to give Jim a chance. I do admire Pam's spirit to push herself once she finally gets rid of Roy and her old self for good. Pam is a sweetheart who learns to stand up for herself and be brave after she runs across a pile of smoldering coals. Although Pam is called the office mattress by Angela I think Pam handled herself well with waiting to end things with Roy before eventually pursuing Jim. Michael would not be able to do without Pam she really helps keep him on track and boosts him up when he needs it. Even though he doesn't tell her how much he appreciates her. Pam is always down for pranking Dwight and even creates a few pranks of her own. I think Pam's character had incredible development in the series as she finally learns to follow her heart to maybe one day own a house with a terrace-like she always dreamed.

The Office may be over and done filming but the characters will live on forever.

Cover Image Credit: Wallpaper Cave

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5 Surprising Reasons to Take Up Ice Fishing This Season

Why Ice Fishing is the Best Fishing

Winter has arrived and since we live in the real world and not in Game of Thrones universe, it won't last for years. That's why instead of being cooped up in your own house, you should make the best of this season. And how can you do it?? Of course, by ice fishing. 

Yes, I am perfectly aware that, when we hear the word 'Winter', fishing is not the first thing that comes to our mind; but it should. 

Ok, I admit that winter is cold, bleak and sometimes boring. However, ice fishing is the best way to spice up our winter. There is no activity that would cheer you up in this gloomy weather more than fishing through the ice. Yet, if you are still skeptical about ice fishing, then below I have given 5 reasons that would certainly convince you to take up ice fishing this winter. 

1. Saves Money

Money matters to everyone, unless you are Bill Gates or his lucky lad. And, you can save a lot of money by fishing in winter rather than in summer. For, during the summer, in order to catch fish, you must own or rent a boat, and a boat requires maintenance, and all of this will cost you a huge sum of money. 

On the other hand, in winter you won't need a boat, and without a boat, there would be no maintenance. This would certainly save you an ample amount of money. Besides, instruments of ice fishing aren't expensive and you can purchase them for less than $100. However, you must make sure that your equipment such as rods, auger, and fishing reels are top notch to ensure that you are fully prepared for any kind of fish. 

2. Perfect for family outing

One thing that I particularly love about ice fishing is that we can do it with our family, unlike fishing in summer, as it is quite difficult to go fishing with 5 or 6 people in the boat. It is also worthy of note that ice angling is extremely popular among kids as a winter activity as they love playing in the snow, and their happy faces will certainly brighten up your mood. Thus, it won't be an exaggeration to say that an exhilarating fishing adventure is the best outdoor activity for family outings in this freezing weather. 

3. No sunburn

Sunburn is a cause of concern for most of the anglers, and rightly so. Because overexposure to the sun can cause us severe skin damage. However, ice anglers don't have to worry about sunburn unless you are one of those who prefer to fish in a state of undress. 

Nonetheless, it would be wise for you to put on some warm and comfortable clothes of high-quality as it would protect you from hypothermia. And, if you are you terrified of cold weather, don't worry, for, with a new technology called ThermoLogic line by NTA Enterprise, you can control the temperature of your own fishing apparel. Therefore, put all your worries into the closet and remember, before embarking on the ice, you must bundle up. 

4. You Don't get bored

It could be quite frustrating when the fish is not biting. But you shouldn’t trouble yourself, as you can try a lot of other activities instead of waiting for the fish to get hooked. For example, you can play cards, hockey (my favorite) or enjoy a hot tub out in the open. Besides, you will have all your fishing buddies alongside you. But if you are one of those who like to fish alone, then divulge in skating or you can try your cooking skills while keeping an eye on the hole for fish. Hence, rest assured, boredom is something that you won't suffer from while ice fishing. 

5. Great for health

I am sure, you have heard this phrase 'health is wealth', but did you know that you can preserve your 'wealth' by ice fishing? Yes, you can. But how??? Well, It has been scientifically proven that being near to water is greatly beneficial for our health, even when the water is frozen. 

An Australian study has revealed that water can have a great effect on our overall fitness. For, it reduces stress (which is vital for our heart), helps breast cancer patient's recovery,and aids to tackle chronic illness or mental problems. Therefore, by taking up ice fishing in this winter you can get both pleasure and health benefits.

So Do You Feel The Itch?

By now, you should feel the bubbles in your stomach for ice fishing. It has fun, adventure and what not! Let me know your thought on taking up ice fishing this season in the comment section below.

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7 Key 'Pointes' I Learned About Dance After I Quit

It's all blood, sweat and tears, but no one outside of the studio knows.

As a kid, I wanted to be someone as graceful and as beautiful as a ballerina. So when my mom was willing to sign me up for dance lessons, I was beyond excited to take my first lesson in third grade. For the next three or four years, I developed a passion for dance — so much so that I wanted to be a dancer for the rest of my life. However, due to family-related reasons, I had to put dance on a hiatus for a year. I played a year of catch-ups when I returned, but soon, I had to abruptly leave again. Though I may no longer be with my friends at the barre anymore, I've realized multiple key things about dance that I have never noticed before.

1. You sacrifice a huge chunk of your time.

When I first left the studio, I was shocked at all the spare time I had. I didn't know what to do with all this time, and I was constantly bored. From dancing every day to not dancing at all, I gained six more hours per week (and that was me taking minimum classes required at a company level). I know people who take around eight classes a week, and the studio is practically their home. Now, it's sort of hard to imagine how to balance schoolwork, extracurriculars and work on a tight schedule.

2. Dancing requires much physical exertion.

When I was in dance class, we worked on combinations and techniques until we felt the burn in our muscles, and we would be sore the next day (and possibly the days afterward). I would be drenched in sweat at the end of class, and my glasses would be fogged up by the hot breath. It wasn't until I stopped dancing when I realized that my daily exercise comes from dance classes. I gained a little weight, and my muscles weren't as strong as before.

3. Perseverance is key.

I didn't realize what working for something truly was until I had to do it myself. To be honest, it took me a couple of years to realize that if I wanted something, I had to fight for it. Whether it was to stretch a bit longer every night or to practice turns at home, everything required the initiative to improve. The process would seem so long and frustrating, but I would be so determined that it didn't even matter.

4. Injuries don't exist.

I've witnessed people get injured from dance. It's insane how people are still able to dance and smile through concussions and sprained ankles. I've seen bloody feet, fallen toenails and swollen feet. I've fallen more times than I could count, whether it was from preparing for a jump or just from slipping on the floor. Pointe shoes were a pain, and I'm sure my toenails would never look the same ever again. I barely made it through class back then, and I still don't know how people are able to do it now.

5. You have to be dedicated.

Dance requires so much time, so much energy and so much diligence. You really have to be passionate and dedicated to dance in order to go through this entire process. Once you set your mind on something, you do whatever it takes to improve. After all, what's the point of doing something if you don't care for it?

6. The end result is always rewarding.

When I danced, it was rewarding to accomplish the little things, such as nailing a turn. As an ex-dancer and an audience member, I browsed through dance videos and went to recitals, and it was inspiring to see everyone's hard work pay off. You could tell by their confidence radiating onstage, and it immediately drew you in.

7. You make lasting friendships.

I left the studio twice, and both times I experienced a separation and drift from everyone else. Although a part of it was due to me being an introvert at the time, time can cut friendships off or make people drift apart. On the other hand, I witnessed others bond closer and closer. I believe it's wonderful that people find friends who share the same interests and will support you through your journey. It's mind-blowing to see all the time and effort dancers put into their movements and flow.

Blood, sweat and tears. From an outsider's perspective, dancers make it all look easy. But if I hadn't known any better, I would've brushed off all their efforts off. The end result is what we all see, but we don't realize everything prior to that. Dance isn't often treated as serious as other things, so before you make a remark on dance, walk a mile in the dancer's shoes.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels | Tim Gouw

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