My Top 5 Favorite Characters From 'The Office'

My Top 5 Favorite Characters From 'The Office'

The ultimate ranking of characters from the best show ever.

I recently got into watching The Office about two summers ago and since then it is my Netflix binge go to. It is a lighthearted comedy about the trials and tribulations of Michael Scott manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Supply Company.

1. Michael Scott

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" -Wayne Gretsky -Michael Scott

The main man whom we begin the entire series with is an obvious choice for my number one. As a Steve Carrell, fan pre-silver fox look (Google it), I love watching him develop Michael Scott’s character. He maintains his love for his job and coworkers while also finding his true happiness. Michael Scott’s lines range from hilariously embarrassing to heartwarming all within one episode. He’s not always on spot with what’s appropriate to say or forward in the workplace but he certainly knows how to keep you laughing. Not to mention he's also written and starred in the classic film Threat Level Midnight.

2. Jim Halpert

Okay, Ryan Howard may be Michael Scott’s choice for hottest in the office but mine would certainly be Jim. I mean we all know that should’ve been the obvious choice when they played who would you do. Looks excluded, Jim keeps the office alive through different pranks like wrapping Dwight's desk up for Christmas, putting Dwight's desk items in a vending machine or gelatin, and making Dwight believe there is a real alliance among the office. Jim is one of the most creative and patient people in the office as he waits a long time to finally steal Pam's heart and he really puts himself out there to show her he cares. What a guy. Take notes, fellas.

3. Dwight Schrute

Dwight is lowkey crazy but also incredibly smart as well as ambitious when it comes to working. Whilst he deals with Jim's pranks he also manages to host a few pranks of his own. Dwight lives in his own world and believes that because it's so great he should create one just like it virtually. As Assistant to the Manager, you could call him Michael's right-hand man, right after Jim of course who is number two in the office. Dwight will always be one of my favorite characters because he is the character who will say or do something you would assume people wouldn't. Don't believe me? Take a look at his Halloween costumes. Dwight's intense personality keeps you on your toes as you wonder what he will do next in every episode and trust me you won't be disappointed. If you ever need a good laugh just go to the episode where he cuts the face off of a CPR dummy that will put you into stitches.

4. Kelly Kapoor

First of all, I love Mindy Kaling so naturally, I'm gonna love, Kelly. Kelly starts out a little quiet but they finally show her true colors when they start to intertwine her story with Ryan's. Kelly is obsessed with pop culture and adds it to any conversation whenever she finds opportunity. She's an overall incredibly happy character that keeps the office young. My favorite episodes are always the ones where she's filling Jim in on her life. While she is full of herself she definitely cares about Ryan Howard more than anything as she ditches relationships for him over again. I can only hope their dysfunctional relationship isn't based on a real one. Kelly serves as the little sister in the office family tree, at times she's crazy but you still love her and she is still a team player.

5. Pam Beesly

I know a lot of people love Pam and she would come before Kelly on most people's lists but Pam infuriates me when she takes forever to give Jim a chance. I do admire Pam's spirit to push herself once she finally gets rid of Roy and her old self for good. Pam is a sweetheart who learns to stand up for herself and be brave after she runs across a pile of smoldering coals. Although Pam is called the office mattress by Angela I think Pam handled herself well with waiting to end things with Roy before eventually pursuing Jim. Michael would not be able to do without Pam she really helps keep him on track and boosts him up when he needs it. Even though he doesn't tell her how much he appreciates her. Pam is always down for pranking Dwight and even creates a few pranks of her own. I think Pam's character had incredible development in the series as she finally learns to follow her heart to maybe one day own a house with a terrace-like she always dreamed.

The Office may be over and done filming but the characters will live on forever.

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'Bohemian Rhapsody' Is The Must-See And Must-Hear Movie Of 2018

If you haven't yet seen the new Queen movie, when you do, you definitely won't regret it.


"Bohemian Rhapsody" was hands down one of the best movies we have seen in a long time.

Focused on the life of Freddie Mercury and his career as the lead singer of the well-known rock band Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody paid a great tribute to the late singer. Rami Malek plays Freddie with extreme talent, there wasn't one moment throughout the movie that I thought anyone else could've played the part.

If you don't know who Rami Malek is, this was not his first movie, he played in the Twilight Saga's "Breaking Dawn" (parts one and two) and also in multiple "Night at the Museum" movies. Also featured in the movie were Mike Meyers, and Allen Leech ("Downton Abbey's" Tom Branson).

It cannot be said that Rami didn't channel Freddie's personality.

The actor and the movie itself did a great job as portraying Freddie as the legend he truly was. It walked us through a brief mention of Freddie's humble upbringing as Farrokh Bulsara and the very beginnings of Queen, to the Live Aid concert at the Wembley Stadium in London six years before his passing. Watching the movie, you feel all of the emotion, the confusion, the love, the eccentric personality of Mercury, and the sense of family the band really had despite disagreements they had throughout their career.

Of course, I wasn't even born when Queen was performing, so in a way, I feel it might not have affected me emotionally quite as much as the way it affected many others in the theater. With laughter, tears, and even clapping, we were all engulfed in the life and career of Freddie Mercury.

Although some things may have been a little more dramatized or even underplayed, such as Freddie's sexuality, relationships, and the other band members' lives it was a great movie. In my opinion, even without those aspects, you could still relate and feel what Freddie was feeling, it did touch on a few relationships, however, this was not the focus of the movie and I don't feel it needed to be.

While the "Tomatometer" on Rotten Tomatoes only gave the movie a 60%, the "Audience Score," shows that 94% rated the movie with a score of 3.5 stars or higher. Some people who left reviews on IMDB felt the movie should have shown more of Freddie's life after Live Aid, and another review of only 3/10 stars claimed, "This move comes off like a LIFETIME film and not a serious Queen or Freddy Mercury Biopic for the big screen." Despite reviews such as this where people claimed to be disappointed, from the 55,071 user ratings, the movie earned an 8.4/10.

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