My Top 100 Songs... according to my phone
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My Top 100 Songs... according to my phone

Let there be music!

My Top 100 Songs... according to my phone

This list is self-created, being drawn from my phone's list of my 100 "most played" songs. Enjoy!

1. Killer Whales—Smallpools

It’s dynamic. It’s catchy. It’s poignant. It’s one of the very select few songs I can say I remember how I felt when I first heard it. There’s something about it that words fail to capture. If I can get you to listen to any song on this list, I would love it to be Killer Whales

2. Cool Patrol--Ninja Sex Party
This song’s number 2 position is perhaps a bit artificially achieved—I’ve listened to it ad nauseum to prepare for a music video. Still, if you’re looking for a good laugh (and a hell of an earworm), this one will get you there.

3. Mr. Brightside--The Killers
This song was something of an anthem for my fall 2017 semester. I know I’m late to the party on this one, but so what? On another note, those drums doe…

4. 21 Guns--Green Day
Green Day has always been somewhat of a niche band for me. Still, this song rises above and absolutely nails its melody and poignancy. I’d be hard pressed to think of a mood that would make me skip this one. I’ve used pitch correcting software to introduce a key change into the final chorus…goosebumps…

5. Levels--Nick Jonas
This was absolutely my anthem during the fall of my Junior year of college. It’s not the deepest, but they can’t all be, right?

6. The Outfield--The Night Game
A summer jam for sure, I found this one through Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast. I almost had the opportunity to see these guys open for John Mayer, but apparently they only played the west coast section of that tour. What a shame, cause I’d never been so excited for an opener to play.

7. AfricaQuietdrive
I found this absolute Gem off of another pop punk cover of the same song. Still, this is one example of the cover being better than the original in every way. The vocal-only drop at the end gives me shivers.

8. Don't Give Me Those Eyes--James Blunt
Found this one courtesy of my friend Stephen the day I was headed down to a show in Rhode Island. Needless to say, it was the only thing I listened to for most of the car ride there and back. The chorus absolutely slays me.

9. Bacon--Nick Jonas feat. Ty Dolla $ign
Someone in group therapy mentioned the “bacon song.” A decision was made upon hearing the title, and I got a great summer jam out of it.

10. Do Right and Let it Go--Astro Lasso
Was introduced to these guys when they opened for We The Kings. They’re actually managed by Frankie Muniz. Their sound is awesome and unique, and I hope they make it big.

11. Evermore--Dan Stevens
As a fan of the Broadway musical, I thought I wouldn’t like this as much as If I Can’t Love Her. One trip to the movies, and one bout of crying in the audience later, I was very, very wrong.

12. Party Hard--Andrew WK
Try to listen to the whole thing without grinning. I dare you

13. Chains--Nick Jonas

14. Get Lucky--Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams
The song as a whole is pretty good, but I’d drop like $5 on a track with just the robot voices in the bridge.

15. Gravity (Live Version)--John Mayer
I challenge you to listen to this man and tell me he isn’t one of the best guitarists ever with a straight face. I still can’t believe I got to see him live. This song…live…transcendent

16. Walk on Water--30 Seconds to Mars

17. In the Air Tonight—Nonpoint
I love this cover, though I wish they didn’t switch melodies on the second chorus. Still, a cool and inventive take on an absolute classic.

18. Cinderella ManEminem
For whenever you need motivation to go out and punch life in the face...

19. White Winter HymnalPentatonix
This one is here because I listened to it eight thousand times for an a capella group. Still, the harmonies are pretty.

20. Text to Speech Dog Source--Gabe the Dog
Sniff. Bark bork.

21. Gaston (From the 2017 Beauty and the Beast)--Josh Gad, Luke Evans
The “Roughly the size of the barge” alone is worth a thousand plays.

22. Preacher--OneRepublic

23. You Matter to Me--Sara Bareilles
Sad, sweet, romantic. The perfect song for laying all your cards on the table.

24. Sonic the Hedgehog Stage Clear Jingle

25. Sugar--Maroon 5

26. Gravity--Sara Bareilles
When I would search “gravity” on youtube to find John Mayer’s song, this would always come up. I never listened to it until last year. That was a mistake.

27. Misery Business--Paramore

28. Blind--Jason Derulo

29. The Sound of Silence—Disturbed
The 29 spot is too low for what is easily a top 5 song in terms of quality. I chalk that up to listening to it a lot more before I got my phone.

30. Weightless--All Time Low

31. She Is Beautiful--Andrew WK

32. What I Want--Daughtry feat. Slash

33. Losing My Mind—Daughtry
This album just dropped when my mother was going in for a cancer surgery. This song helped keep me positive during that trying time.

34. Ridin' Solo--Jason Derulo

35. Johnny Leave Her--The High Kings

36. Can't StopOneRepublic
One of the best bridges in any song I’ve ever heard

37. Closer to the Edge--30 Seconds to Mars

38. Power Rangers Theme Songs Medley
If I ever get good at playing guitar, it’ll be to play the tapping solo in the original theme song.

39. Something to Believe InParachute
Heard this one while out shopping once. It quickly became the summer anthem to end all summer anthems.

40. Never Gonna Leave This Bed--Maroon 5

41. The Great Escape--P!nk

42. Smells Like Teen Spirit--Nirvana

43. Gravity Hurts (Rerecorded)Cryoshell feat. Tine Midtgaard
For what feels like the inferior version of this song, it’s higher than the original…

44. Pompeii--Bastille

45. Someday--Astro Lasso

46. I'm On a Boat--The Lonely Island feat. T-Pain

47. When the Fog Rolls In--Train

48. Born This Way--Lady Gaga

49. Gravity Hurts--Cryoshell feat. Niels Brinck
A classic song from my childhood, Brinck’s vocal riffs still kick ass all these years later

50. A Thousand Years--Christina Perri
Another song whose position doesn’t reflect how much I like it. One of my favorite love songs ever, and I hope to dance to it at my wedding.

51. Dear Maria Count Me In--All Time Low

52. Novocaine--Fall Out Boy
Everyone was all about Uma Thurman and Immortals from this album. That’s ok. I’ll take irresistible and this jam all day long.

53. Beam Me Up--P!nk

54. Stars--fun.

55. Sugar We're Goin Down--Fall Out Boy

56. Africa--Chaos Divine

57. Hallelujah--The (Canadian) Tenors
One of my favorite songs, performed to perfection with blissful harmonies and arrangement.

58. Hide and Seek--Imogen Heap
I heard the Jason Derulo song that sampled this first, but this is a musical masterpiece by a truly underappreciated artist.

59. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)--Michael Buble
This is straight up my favorite Christmas song, and I love the way Buble handles it. This one is a holiday season mainstay for me.

60. One More Night--Maroon 5

61. Mz. Hyde--Halestorm

62. Unfamiliar Sheets--Courage My Love

63. Freak Like Me--Halestorm

64. White Christmas--Michael Buble and Shania Twain

65. Science & Faith--The Script
“You won’t find faith or hope down a telescope.” How frickin cool of a line is that?

66. We Should Hang Out--Con Bro Chill
No points for depth, but plenty for style.

67. All I Want--A Day to Remember

68. The Good Life--Three Days Grace

69. Mirrors--Justin Timberlake
I heard it on the radio one day, and rushed home to get in range of my WiFi so I could Soundhound it on my iPod touch. It was a mainstay since then.

70. Right Here--Carolina Black
This one finds it spot because I actually used to work for this man when he was a Chef. He’ll be too humble for me to say it, but I love his music.

71. If I Can't Love Her--Terrance Mann
Another song whose position belies how much it means to me. This song was my entire world for the semester I was in Beauty and the Beast, and it’s one of the only songs that can still move me to tears this day.

72. Clocks—Coldplay
There’s something beautifully wonderous about this one that keeps me listening to this day

73. Put Your Records On--Corrine Bailey Rae

74. Somebody to Love--Jordan Smith

75. Hell Yeah--Rev Theory

76. Mirrors--Our Last Night
As a whole, it’s uneven. But the drums on the opening are enough to let it crack this list.

77. Raise Hell--Dorothy

78. Under the Bridge--Red Hot Chili Peppers
Another example of a song I need to learn if I ever get good at guitar

79. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark--Fall Out Boy

80. Wagon Wheel--Darius Rucker
Anyone who thinks the Old Crow Medicine Show version is better can fight me

81. Gaston (Broadway Cast Recording)--Kenny Raski and Burke Moses
Not entirely sure why I have this one up here. I have it, but I don’t recall listening to it that much…weird…

82. Again--Lee DeWyze

83. Monster--Skillet

84. Oil & Water--Lee DeWyze
Once a winner of American Idol, Lee dropped the glossy pop persona that the show tried to force on him for some sweet singer-songwriter work. I was fortunate enough to meet him after the show at WNE and get a signed copy of this album

85. Fix You--Coldplay

86. Runaway--Maroon 5

87. Your Guardian Angel---The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

88. 117--Neil Davidge
Written and recorded for the climactic final push of Halo 4, this track is a shining example of using music to perfectly frame an event.

89. Don't Look Down--OneRepublic

90. Paralyzer--Finger Eleven

91. Pillow Talk--Zayn

92.The Star Spangled Banner--Gaither Vocal Band
I’m an absolute dweeb when it comes to this song, but I just can’t seem to stop listening. Bill Gaither’s bass part absolutely murders me every time.

93. Welcome to The Black Parade--My Chemical Romance

94. Gaston (Original Movie Recording)--Jesse Corti and Richard White
Someone send help

95. Marry You--Bruno Mars

96. Irresistible--Fall Out Boy feat. Demi Lovato

97. The Most Beautiful Thing in The World--Kinky Boots Full Company Recording
This opening number for Kinky Boots was my first taste of Broadway live. I had no idea what to expect. What I got, then, was all my hairs standing on end as the cast destroyed the final chord.

98. Ocean Avenue--Yellowcard

99. Stone--Lee DeWyze

100. ¡Viva La Gloria!--Green Day

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