This morning I registered for my last semester at Belmont University. Four years of sleepless nights and study sessions. Four years of partying. Four years of a sisterhood in Kappa Alpha Theta that I never imagined finding at this point in my life. Four years of pushing to become the best version of myself… my four years at Belmont are coming to an end and I can’t help but dwell on all of the memories and opportunities this institution has given me.

When I was a senior in high school I applied to 13 universities, most of which were chosen by other people because they told me I would fit in. There were only two schools I picked for myself and believe it or not, Belmont was my second choice out of the two. I, unfortunately, received a false acceptance letter to my first choice, followed by a heart wrenching correction letter informing me of my rejection. I honestly didn’t think I’d be happy anywhere else, but God knew otherwise.

My acceptance letter to Belmont was waiting for me when I got home after receiving the news that I was not accepted to my first choice. I don’t know if it was because I was still sad over the rejection or if I was menstruating or if deep down I just knew that Belmont was right for me, but I cried for 20 minutes over my big blue folder with “#AcceptedToBelmont” written across the front of it.

At that point in my life, moving 1000 miles from home seemed like the scariest thing in the world. But, now, I can easily say, moving to Nashville to attend Belmont was the best decision I’ve made thus far in my life. Freshman year was hard but, who’s freshman year is easy? I wanted to transfer because I was so far from home but, I stuck it out for another year. By the end of my sophomore year, I was calling Nashville my home.

I’ve taken over 115 credits at this point. God knows how many classes I’ve taken or professors that have taught me but, I wouldn’t have changed a single one of those classes if my life depended on it. Each class and professor has shaped me into the student I am today. Each classroom I walked into was a gateway to a door at a company I have only dreamed of interning for.

I’m about to graduate from Billboards 2017 Top Music Business university with a degree in Music Business and I am speechless. I have never felt so passionate about something in my entire life and I think I owe some of that to Belmont and the opportunities it has given me. I’m so thankful for my big blue folder with “#AcceptedToBelmont” written across the front of it. I’m so thankful that Belmont lead me to Music Row. I’m so thankful that I will be an alum of Belmont University.