Military life: following the life of a soldier (actual dictionary definition)

Many may think I am crazy for everything I am about to write (well actually type) but hey, I have surpassed this crazy time by far but you will never know because I will never share those horrible times.

Picture this: born and raised in good ole' Yuma, AZ.

Arizona Sunset Giphy





If you are from around Yuma you know where it is located and you know the pleasantness of just how hot temperatures get without your skin melting off. Plus, such a tiny town to be overly populated with military personnel. There is a base that basically runs the town and is not hard to miss at all.

Being that my life was surrounded by military personnel, I grew up not wanting to date that type of person because I was well aware of the repercussions: the moving, the deploying, the traveling, the everything...

Many people desire to have this life to be able to travel to places and have a fresh clean place to start over. I know there are many adventures when being with someone in the military but people actually don't take into consideration everything that takes into play.

What even takes into play? The friendships you can leave behind when moving, the family left behind & sometimes the education that you will leave behind.

As for me, my education is something that I could never leave behind. It isn't something that I am able to drop and simply follow his journey without worrying about my own. That's why I am not your typical military wife or significant other or whatever title you may place. Even though my next stop is Okinawa, Japan for maybe three years, does not mean that I am stopping who I am but in fact work even harder to accomplish my career goal for my future marriage.

Yeah, I may be crazy for following this handsome, Christian, country boy all the way across the world into A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COUNTRY. But hey, I rather say I did it, then always be left wondering what if I would have just gone?

I spoke with both of my jobs, Starbucks & Yuma Regional Medical Center in regards to this and they said they would do the absolute best to help me out since I have an outstanding record with both. Just because you're following a soldier does not mean you have to give up on yourself but rather "roll with the bullets" that are thrown at you.

I'm scared. Terrified. I would be absolutely nuts if I was not terrified.

Let's take on this journey together, you won't be disappointed to be included in everything that happens, I'll definitely keep you updated!

But...we made deals. We communicated and express what can happen or what will happen. Compromise is everything and can absolutely help a relationship if both parties are willing to mature and not just that understanding.

I always did say I wanted to travel the world with my loved one and this right here is a blessing, a journey, a lesson.

Damn, I will miss my Mexican food, it's my heritage, my bloodline, my existence, but HE is the very air to my lungs. So who knows maybe in the near articles you'll be reading I may be in Japan or I may be in the states, we are still waiting for word and orders.


Goodbye, America


Hello, Japan...