The Ultimate 27 Songs To Add To Your Oldie's Playlist
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The Ultimate 27 Songs To Add To Your Oldie's Playlist

Oldies but goodies.

The Ultimate 27 Songs To Add To Your Oldie's Playlist

1. "Come on Eileen"- Dexys Midnight Runners, 1982

2. "Build Me Up Buttercup"- The Foundations, 1968

3. "Jessie's Girl"- Rick Springfield, 1981

4. "Livin On A Prayer"- Bon Jovi, 1986

5. "Never Gonna Give You Up"- Rick Astley, 1987

6. "American Pie"- Don McLean, 1971

7. "Footloose"- Kenny Loggins, 1984

8. "Lean On Me"- Bill Withers, 1972

9. "Through The Years"- Kenny Rogers, 1981

10. "He's So Shy"- The Pointer Sisters, 1980

11. "Respect"- Aretha Franklin, 1967

12. "Your Love"- The Outfield, 1985

13. "Summer of 69"- Bryan Adams, 1984

14. "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"- Cyndi Lauper, 1983

15. "September"- Earth, Wind & Fire, 1996

16. "Billie Jean"- Michael Jackson, 1982

17. "It's Raining Men"- The Weather Sisters, 1983

18. "Crazy Train"- Ozzy Osbourne, 1980

19. "Sharp Dressed Man"- ZZ Top, 1983

20. "Separate Ways"- Journey, 1983

21. "Here Comes The Sun"- The Beatles, 1969

22. "L-O-V-E"- Nat King Cole, 1964

23. "Hotel California"- Eagles, 1976

24. "Stayin' Alive"- Bee Gees, 1977

25. "We Didn't Start The Fire"- Billy Joel, 1989

26. "Love Shack"- The B-52's, 1989

27. "Sweet Caroline"- Neil Diamond, 1969

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