College. The inevitable word that has been a developing plan my whole life. I am only 18 and I feel like these years are supposed to be "the best 4 years of my life" as my parents, and everyone make it out to be. These next few years I get decide where my life goes from here and who I want to be in the future.

But as a little freshman starting out that's a lot of pressure to put on me. I just turned 18, and I still make my Mom schedule doctor appointments for me. I know I should have that "adultness", but everything happened so fast. It was just senior year of high school, then I graduated, and now I'm going to college. How am I supposed to pack up all of my things from the home that I have been living in for 18 years and just move an hour away and somehow just end up being ok.

The kid who would always cry on the first day of school up was me until 5th grade because change has always scared me, and it was new people I had to get used to. I was always comfortable where I was and who I was with in my hometown because that's how it's been for 18 years. College is completely out of my comfort zone. Meeting new friends, maintaining good grades, making a new social life, sharing a room, and a completely new campus to figure out and navigate all by ourselves. I know that in the end the benefits will outweigh the negatives and a degree is nice and all, but it's a lot to ask anyone to be able to call this home.

Weirdly enough college hasn't been as bad as I thought. I mean of course I miss home and my friends but there is so much to take in at once.

There is so many new faces and a diverse campus full of people with all different stories. Slowly these people became my family away from home. These are the people who will have my back and be there the way my family was for 18 years. My room and roommate became my safe place. She's always there for me and our room looks just how I always imagined our dorm room look like!

The people also at campus love where they work, and everyone wants to help you feel at home here. My professors have been amazing and want to make sure we excel in the class. It is a really nice feeling and their support has helped a lot.

Living in a place that I love, with a roommate I love, and surrounded with people I love has made college everything I ever wanted. I think over all everyone was probably right about college and how it is going to be nerve-racking at first, but then you will end up finding your people and family away from home. It's also ok to not be ok in the beginning, just wait, it will get better.