I love to get compliments. I mean, what person doesn’t? Getting a compliment from someone can make your day ten times better, a little brighter, and put a little hop in your step. I take compliments from people with a little more weight, I think than the average girl. I am not the kind of girl that dresses in cute clothes on a daily basis or a weekly basis for that matter. My wear my hair in the same way every day. T-shirts are life. Jeans or leggings are my go-to’s, I wear the same earrings for weeks at a time and the same necklace around my neck. So the other day, when I got a compliment on my necklace, I was pleasantly surprised. I have been wearing this necklace for about a year now. Not the same exact necklace, but the same style. It is simply a cross, a small silver cross. Nothing big or glamorous or sparkling, just a simple cross. If I am being completely honest, I sort of forgot about the necklace. I did not forget about it in the sense of it being there but forgot that other people do not view the necklace the way I view it.

To me, this necklace it not a fashion statement or an accessory to my outfit. I do not see it as something to add a little sparkle or extra to my style or look for that certain day. My simple cross necklace means more to me. It is almost like a part It is a representation. A representation of what I strive to do on a daily basis. To take up my cross, and carry it.

Jesus tells us in the Bible “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” (Matthew 16:24) and in Luke 9:23, it is recorded that Jesus said to anyone who would follow Him to "take up his cross daily."

I use my necklace represent my walk with Jesus. It is a constant reminder to myself to follow after Jesus and what He has told those who want to follow Him.

Most jewelry and accessories are used to make us look better. Maybe the goal of other’s accessories is to make others perceive them as a wealthy individual. Yet other people want their jewelry to make their outfits more appealing to another’s’ eyes.

My necklace is not for others to see or for them to admire. I don’t wear it to show how “Christian” I am. I do not wish to impress any one with my “cute” cross necklace. But I also don’t wear it so that Jesus can look at me and be like “oh, she if following me because she is wearing a cross symbol around her neck.” And lastly, yes, I know the verse is not to be taken literally. I am simply wearing this necklace for myself. It represents to me my life’s goal, my whole purpose- to follow Christ every second