Your Ultimate Middle School Jams Playlist
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Your Ultimate Middle School Jams Playlist

All of your favorite throwback songs in one playlist!

Your Ultimate Middle School Jams Playlist

Whether I am feeling stressed, excited, angry, scared, confused, bored, etc., music is the answer. It gets me in the moment of whatever task I am doing such as homework, coloring or dramatically staring out of a car window. Music is what will get me focused and it will also help me stay focused. And nothing helps me stay more focused than listening to the angsty Troy Bolton sing "Bet On It" or the Jonas Brothers moving forward to the "Year 3000."

So, everyone, I present you my Spotify Playlist called: "Throwback Middle School Music." If you like all or most or some of these songs that I have listed, then this is the right playlist for you! Go and follow it on your Spotify Account. Or, if you guys have any suggestions for what songs I should add, then let me know!

1. Like a G6 By "Far East Movement"

2. Down By "Jay Sean, Lil Wayne"

3. Crank That (Soulja Boy) By "Soulja Boy"

4. Yeah! By "Usher, Lil Jon, Ludacris"

5. Blow By "Kesha"

6. Tik Tok By "Kesha"

7. We R Who We R By "Kesha"

8. Poker Face By "Lady Gaga"

9. Telephone By "Lady Gaga and Beyonce"

10. Just Dance By "Lady Gaga"

11. Paparazzi By "Lady Gaga"

12. Bad Romance By "Lady Gaga"

13. Toxic By "Britney Spears"

14. Till the World Ends By "Britney Spears"

15. Boom Boom Pow By "The Black Eyed Peas"

16. Party in the U.S.A. By "Miley Cyrus"

17. Girlfriend By "Avril Lavigne"

18. Fergalicious By "Fergie"

19. I Kissed a Girl By "Katy Perry"

20. Hollaback Girl By "Gwen Stefani"

21. I Gotta Feeling By "The Black Eyed Peas"

22. Womanizer By "Britney Spears"

23. Super Bass By "Nicki Minaj"

24. Rude Boy By "Rihanna"

25. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) By "Beyonce"

26. Club Can't Handle Me (feat. David Guetta) By "Flo Rida"

27. Burnin' Up By "The Jonas Brothers"

28. Yeah 3x By "Chris Brown"

29. Party Rock Anthem By "LMFAO"

30. Sorry for Party Rocking By "LMFAO"

31. The Time (Dirty Bit) By "The Black Eyed Peas"

32. Black and Yellow By "Wiz Khalifa"

33. London Bridge By "Fergie"

34. Dynamite By "Taio Cruz"

35. Year 3000 By "The Jonas Brothers"

36. S.O.S. By "The Jonas Brothers"

37. Halo By "Beyonce"

38. If I Were a Boy By "Beyonce"

39. The Best of Both Worlds From "Hannah Montana"

40. If We Were a Movie From "Hannah Montana"

41. He Could Be the One From "Hannah Montana"

42. Nobody's Perfect From "Hannah Montana"

43. One In A Million From "Hannah Montana"

44. Hoedown Throwdown From 'Hannah Montana Movie"

45. Cupid Shuffle By "Cupid"

46. Cha Cha Slide By "Mr. C"

47. Cotton Eye Joe By "Rednex"

48. Fabulous From "High School Musical 2"

49. This Is Me From "Camp Rock"

50. Breaking Free From "High School Musical"

51. 7 Things By "Miley Cyrus"

52. Beautiful Soul By "Jesse McCartney"

53. California Gurls feat. Snoop Dogg By "Katy Perry"

54. The Boys Are Back From "High School Musical 3"

55. Bet On It From "High School Musical 2"

56. The Climb By "Miley Cyrus"

57. Push It to the Limit By "Corbin Bleu"

58. Bop To The Top From "High School Musical"

59. Lovebug By "The Jonas Brothers"

60. Tell Me Something I Don't Know By "Selena Gomez"

61. When You Look Me in the Eyes By "The Jonas Brothers"

62. Complicated By "Avril Lavigne"

63. The Sweet Escape By "Gwen Stefani"

64. Glamourous By "Fergie"

65. Bye Bye Bye By "NSYNC"

66. ...Baby One More Time By "Britney Spears"

67. Crush By "David Archuletta"

68. Teenage Dream By "Katy Perry"

69. Kiss Me Thru The Phone By "Soulja Boy"

70. Everytime We Touch By "Cascada"

71. Tonight Tonight By "Hot Chelle Rae"

72. I Want It That Way By "Backstreet Boys"

73. Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams) By "B.O.B"

74. Starships By "Nicki Minaj"

75. Stereo Hearts (feat. Adam Levine) By "Gym Class Heroes"

76. Billionaire (feat. Bruno Mars) By Travie McCoy"

77. Grenade By "Bruno Mars"

78. Firework By "Katy Perry"

79. LoveGame By "Lady Gaga"

80. Campfire Song Song From "Spongebob Squarepants"

81. Life is a Highway By "Rascall Flatts"

82. It's Gonna Be Me By "NSYNC"

83. Goofy Goober Rock From "Spongebob Squarepants"

84. The Suite Life on Deck Theme Song From "The Suite Life on Deck"

85. See You Again From "Hannah Montana"

86. Check Yes, Juliet By "We The Kings"

87. Gotta Go My Own Way From "High School Musical"

88. A Night To Remember From "High School Musical 3"

89. Work This Out From "High School Musical 2"

90. What Time Is It From "High School Musical 2"

91. Hold On By "The Jonas Brothers"

92. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Theme Song From "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"

93. I Don't Dance From "High School Musical 2"

94. Rockstar From "Hannah Montana"

95. Potential Breakup Song From "Aly and AJ"

96. True Friend From "Hannah Montana"

97. Amigas Cheetahs From "The Cheetah Girls Movie"

98. One and the Same From "Princess Protection Program"

99. Big Time Rush From "Big Time Rush"

100. Everyday From "High School Musical 2"

101. Boyfriend From "Big Time Rush"

102. Gitchee Gitchee Goo From "Phineas and Ferb"

103. Halfway There From "Big Time Rush"

104. Everything Is Not As It Seems From "Wizards of Waverly Place"

105. Worldwide From "Big Time Rush"

106. Start of Something New From "High School Musical"

107. We Rock From "Camp Rock"

108. Freak The Freak Out From "Victorious"

109. Ordinary Girl From "Hannah Montana"

110. Leave It All To Me (Theme from iCarly)

111. Now or Never From "High School Musical 3"

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