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My Love-Hate Relationship With 'The Bachelor'

Although Colton's season is my first season watch, boy do I have a lot to say.


Opinions from a first time viewer.

So Much Personality...


Having so many women of all different personalities in one home creates catfights. Although it can be entertaining at times, these girls really play the show like a game at times.

The Outfits


I love seeing how the women dress. From the first day to rose ceremonies, some of these dresses are just breath-taking.


Hannah B. (beast) is my girl and I stand behind her. There is only room for one beauty queen

Seeing girls I enjoyed go home, was so sad, but seeing others go home put a little smirk on my face.

Women Tell All


Ok, the constant fights between Demi and Courtney... probably a fight Courtney will never win.

Get her with your heel, Demi.



I liked Cassie on the first episode or two, but as the show progressed she seemed to be pulling away. With episode 9 and Cassie "not being able to get there with Colton" was so sad for him, but I knew she was flakey.

Bye Cassie.

The Girls Who Walk Away


I do have mixed feelings about Cassie walking away; however, the girls who walk away because of not being ready or being true to themselves speaks a lot on their character. I do believe there may be girls who do play the show as a game and fool themselves with the traveling world to "fall in love"

The Love


Despite fighting with each other and dating the same man, the girls do make life long friendships and truly care for one another.

One on One


One on one dates almost seemed so surreal to me. How could you not fall in love in those types of settings? All I want to know is when Colton is taking me on a date.

At the end of the day, the not so favorite parts didn't out-weigh the fact that I couldn't keep my eyes off of Colton's future Mrs.

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