my life would suck without dogs

I don't want to be super basic (I mean moreso than I already am), but I just want to comment on the existence of dogs. I'm not a cat person by any means because I'm just as temperamental as they are.

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I also don't trust anything about them because you never know what they're capable of.

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I don't agree with the existence of cats, but dogs are a completely different story.

I used to hate dogs. And I mean HATE them. And it was 99% because I was terrified of them. My grandmother always had pit bulls as I was growing up, and I stupidly believed the stigma around pit bulls and didn't trust them. Plus, my cousins use to make the dogs chase me for their own amusement and that was terrifying in itself.

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But, I was forced to live with a guide dog in training my third year in college and that changed EVERYTHING.

I went from being terrified to keep my room door open so the dog wouldn't come in there to being in tears any time I even see a dog.

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It was a huge 180. Dogs are great animals and they don't always understand how appreciated they are.

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And I'm glad I'm on the bandwagon now.

I saw a dog the other day and couldn't stop thinking about it for the entire day. And a friend of mine decided to get a dog a couple of days ago and now she won't stop talking about. And I fully support that!

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Isn't life just better because there are dogs in it? If you know you get to see one at the end of the day, doesn't that just make your day so much better?

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If more places allowed dogs other than service dogs into buildings, we'd have happier people in the world. Don't believe me?

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Test that theory!

Pluto is allowed everywhere in Disney and there are happy people in Disney, right?

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Game, set, match.

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