Haunted houses are great! SIKE! I hate haunted houses with a passion. I absolutely cannot stand not knowing what is fixing to happen. Let's face it, that's the whole point of a haunted house. I just don't see why people love to walk through dark places that you have to feel your way through, and just wait for someone to jump out and scare you.It befuddles me. But, it is Halloween so why not get in the spirit?!

This Halloween season I have been to two haunted houses. In my opinion, that's two too many but, none the less, I went. I felt my way through the dark like everyone else. Just kidding! I stepped on the heels of whomever's back my face was buried into. But, I did find the courage to actually see what was going on, after it jumped out of course! And it was in the days that followed that I learned something: Life is haunted house.

Getting friends together and going to wait in line is great. You are excited and a little nervous. But it's all good! You got your best pals that are ready to conquer anything with you. And then it happens.. You enter the haunted house. You have everything laid out before you, but you can't see. You're helplessly wondering around. You have to feel your way along the walls. You hope you made the right turn all the while seriously second guessing everything, starting with the decision to come! You deal with the endless amount of people jumping out at you and touching you and just overall invading your personal space. You are on high alert, every nerve strung out. And then just like that, you're done. You made it out alive. All you have now are memories that you'll laugh at for years to come.

All of this is like life, especially your college years and 20s. You get really excited that you're going to college and going to make all these memories, and then you get there. You feel lost and nervous and wonder how you'll make it out alive. You keep your head down and handle all the problems that jump out at you. You never know which way is up or where you should go, because you can't see the bigger pitcher. You just keep hoping and praying that you'll make it out alive, because that's the biggest goal. Somehow you wind your way, blindly, through life and make it to where you want to be. You don't know how, but you did.

I'm still stuck in my haunted house. I'm doing life, by the Grace of God. I don't know where I am or where I am going. I just know that one day, I will get out. If you're stuck too, know there's light at the end of the tunnel.