Going hunting is not everyone's thing, especially me. Although one day I had the urge to try it. My dad and brother are big hunters, and my dad always wanted my mom and me to hunt with him. He kept on asking, so I finally said yes.

When I went hunting, it was turkey season. My dad has a hunting place where he always goes hunting called the River Ranch, so we headed up there. Of course I was scared, wouldn’t anyone who is going hunting for the first time? But my dad made sure it was OK.

I remember the day vividly. Usually when people go hunting they get up at dark 3 in the morning, but we certainly did not, although it was still pretty early for me.

I got all camoed up from head to toe; I felt like a real hunting girl. So after we got ready, we were off to our hunting spot. We had a hunting blind and everything, from chairs, to decoys, to the bow. My dad put out the turkey decoys to lure the turkey in. We were in the blind ready to shoot some turkeys.

Of course my dad had the bow and was doing all of the calling, so I sat back and watched. It was a long time for turkeys to come, so to pass the time I played “Deal or No Deal” on my Nintendo DS. We had to be extremely quiet so the turkeys wouldn’t hear us, but of course we talked a little.

All of a sudden there were two turkeys in front of us. My dad got his bow ready to shoot one and just in an instant the turkey was down for the count. We high-fived and asked my dad if I had to touch it. We had to wait a little while before we could go and look at the turkey so we could make sure it was actually dead, and it was.

So we got up and went to the turkey. I decided that I would touch it, but it was a quick swipe with my finger down his beard. It was an amazing feeling because my dad got a turkey with his bow for the first time, and he did it while we were hunting together.

We had to bring it back to the house, but I don’t know what my dad did with it once we got back. After hunting we took a little cat nap, then we went fishing. I caught a big fish, but it got loose as I was reeling it in.

I am proud of myself for going out there and hunting, but I think once is enough for me. I got the experience, and it was wonderful, but I think that is the only time I will go hunting. My dad will be disappointed, but we had a great time hunting together, and we will both treasure it forever. I am so glad I had that opportunity to go hunting.