I have always been one to take time for my hair and ensure that it even has its own accessories. I get this from my mother and sister. My mother loved to do our hair from the moment we were born (although she had to wait for my sister because she did not get hair until she was 2 years old).

When I was younger, whether I was going to church or daycare, my mother also made sure my hair was tight and put-together. My favorite thing that she would do would be sitting in the rocker in her bedroom with me sitting below her in the floor and she would just brush my hair over and over again.

I loved that time of us just being together. She made me scrunchies, bought all of the festive hair clips, and would braid my hair in piggy-tails all day if she could.

As I got older none of these hair routines came to a halt, but they rather increased or intensified. My mother became more creative with putting my hair into buns and clipping little flowers into it as well.

My dad had to do my hair sometimes too if Ma left early for work, and let me tell you, those days would be rough. My hair might hold in a ponytail past breakfast, but no longer than that because he was always afraid of hurting now me or giving me reseeding hairline by pulling irons back too tight.

My sister and I still wear hair accessories to this very day and I'm in my early 20s with her being 29. You never see my sister without a ribbon tied in a perfect bow around her perfectly hair-sprayed ponytail. We very good care of our hair and neither one of us is a true fan of coloring our hair, because we want to try and preserve our natural hair and all of its beauty for as long as possible.

It's not hard to see why I like for my hair to tell my mood; let me explain:

Natural ponytail: feeling comfy, relaxed, and confident

Straight ponytail: on a strict mission, but still trying to be relaxed about it

Curls: feeling cute

Curls with a headband: for up extra early as feeling all of the sass

Straight down: let's make this day a great one while looking good and sophisticated

Piggy-tails (yes, I still wear them): let's clean the whole house and go cut 14 acres of grass afterward #motivated.

Needless to say, my hair is a form of expression and communication to me. I appreciate the fact that I can use even the slightest hair clip to speak up an outfit or day. Do not let your hair be dull or boring, ever.