How To Survive Lollapalooza
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11 Tips For Surviving Lollapalooza

We're ready for ya, Chicago.

Maya Francis

Hello everyone!! It's that time of year again: Lollapalooza!!! I am so stoked. If you've never heard of Lollapalooza (Lolla for short), it's a less boho and more casual version of Coachella. It takes place in the wonderful city of Chicago every year during the first week of August. Last year, Chance the Rapper was the headliner but this year, it's the Weeknd. I went to Lolla for the first time last year (my first ever music festival!) I, thankfully, survived, but I thought that I would make a clever little guide to help those of you who have never been to a music festival.


Ok. First thing first. You HAVE to be hydrated. You walk a TON at Lolla. The festival is spread all over Grant Park so it's a trek to get from one stage to another. It is both hot and humid during the day so it's extremely important to drink water whilst you're in the middle of a crowd with thousands of sweaty bodies around you.

2. Wear Sensible Shoes

Like I said, you walk a lot. Make sure you make good shoe choices. I always go for the classic Adidas Superstars—very comfy. Unless you want to wear heels then you go girl!

3. Please Don't Lose Your Friends

People from all over the country go to this festival. It's important to keep track of the people you are with otherwise it'll be a struggle to find them again.

P.S. The cell reception SUCKS so it may be hard to get in contact with your friends.

4. Don't Go To The Bathroom Unless You Have To

The best part about music festivals definitely has to be the glamorous bathrooms. NOT. Hold it in unless you want to step into a lovely porta potty that many other people are using...and not just for relieving themselves.

5. Bring Cash

Most food or drink stalls don't take credit cards. So if you get the munchies in the middle of the concert, make sure to bring cash in order to soothe your appetite. Heads up, it ain't cheap.

6. Double Check What You're Bringing In

This year, Lolla amped up their security due to the potential threats that people have been posing. Therefore, I suggest that you look on their website to see what you can and can't bring in before you get something that you love thrown away at the front gate.

7. Bring A Raincoat (or Something to Cover Yourself)

Last year, we had to be evacuated due to the heavy amounts of rain. To say the least, I was NOT prepared for that. In case rain is in the forecast, make sure you bring something to save yourself from looking like a wet rat.

8. Figure Out Your Transportation

If you're coming into the city from the suburbs or staying within the city itself, make sure you know how you are getting to Grant Park. The trains and Ubers get crazy busy during this time so just have it all figured out before you get there.

9. If You Are Drinking, Drink Responsibly

Who are we kidding? Of course people are going to drink at Lolla! But if you do, make sure you are extremely careful and not blacking out in the middle of the festival. It's not fun being stepped on. Believe me.

10. Take Lots of Pictures.

This is something to remember. It's not every day that you get to go to a music festival. Be sure to make lots of memories with the people that you love while you're listening to the music that you love.

11. Appreciate The Music!!!!

The real reason people come from all over is to enjoy their favorite artist. So, just for a couple songs, put your phone down. Stop recording. Take in where you are and who you are with. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Enjoy it. And have fun!!! Hope to see some of y'all there ;)

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