"To experience someone living out their passion is such a distinct beauty."

My best friend is a magician. Yes, he is a literal magician with all of the card tricks, crazy acts that seem to defy all possibilities and even mind-reading abilities. I have watched him move a ring straight through his finger, predict others answers to personal questions and even turn $1 bills into $20s! I have watched him perform for a few people at a bar, on a train, at Chipotle, everywhere! I have even watched him start a performance for one person at a party only to have the whole room of 30 people at his attention 20 minutes later. I have watched this guy blow people's minds, make people's days and even earn us some free food, a few drinks and even a night's stay in Boston on a trip with his magical powers.

However, it isn't really his magic that I am impressed by. I am impressed by the reason he does it. When people see this guy perform they think he is really great, magical even, but they don't know how happy it makes him to make others smile, stare in awe and generally have a better day. They don't see him practicing new tricks for hours and hours while refining all of his other tricks so that he can get the absolute best reaction out of his audience. He could charge tons of money, shoot, for what he does he could almost expect it, but he never does. He is perfectly happy with a smile, a laugh and maybe a new friendship as the result of his performance.

As someone who seeks to be the best person that I can be, I have learned a lot from watching him perform. I too strive to better the lives of all whom I encounter, but I am no good at magic. Not to say I don't enjoy it: he has taught me many of his tricks and every once in a while I like to pull one out to lighten the mood, but my passion is geared towards helping people reach optimal performance and give and experience Love to its greatest capacity. At first, I thought that he and I were on two completely different missions, but then I realized that our mission is one in the same, our mission is a universal mission taken up by anyone who seeks to better the lives of the people around them. I strive to help people become who they aim to be, including my friend the magician, and he aims to amplify the joy and vibrancy in their lives.


As I thought more about our similarities, I realized how so many of us are on this mission for others, and it has inspired me beyond belief. From every parent who is doing the best they can for their kids, every teacher who is empowering the youth and every mentor who is developing someone, to every painter who actualizes the emotions of the world, every comedian who reminds us that we can be lighthearted even when times are tough and every writer who seeks to inform or inspire the world, we are on a beautiful mission, a mission that I believe God is proud of. My friend the magician taught me how significant our contributions are, that our efforts add up to make the world a better place. And I think that is exactly what we are meant to do.