My Frat Party Thoughts
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My Frat Party Thoughts

A lot of guys from my high school are actually in this frat

My Frat Party Thoughts
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Frat Parties. The pinnacle (not the vodka lol) of college. I was able to attend six different frats and one hockey party this past semester. I am not sure if the hockey party counts as a frat party or not so I just went ahead and separated the two but it was still a party. ANYways, so I've been to a lot of parties. Ooo maybe I should throw clubs into this article as well since I've been to my fair share of those as well!

So lets start with my Least favorite party. So at this party I will not be saying the names of the frats as to not hurt any feelings. So anyways I keep getting off track. At this party it was bring your own drinks which is always a struggle for a girl that does not have a fake Id and does not want to risk drinking from a random dudes water bottle. Also boys are very protective over their backpack beers. So they did not have any drinks, they had a stripper pole on a like tall platform that was very odd, beer pong and the boys didn't talk to the majority of the girls. Which was all very odd.

Moving right along, now this next frat did not really make any impression on me. They had drinks for people which was nice but it was not the kind that I like so it was fine. The whole "dance" area was right in the living room of the house which means we were right next to the front door which is always scary. I had to ride in the bed of a truck with like one other girl on the way home which was cold.

I have gone to two of this frats parties and one of them I was sober for, which I would not recommend. They use both floors don't supply drinks, very on top of if the cops are coming or not and its a pretty chill party place. I don't have much to say about these parties so I'm going to move on to the next frat. So the only reason I really go to these parties is because one of my friends is really close with them, for the most part they are chill guys. A lot of guys from my high school are actually in this frat and it's honestly a little weird to run into them at parties because I was not a party girl in high school and I always end up feeling like I have to prove that I am wild and fun after I run into them which never turns out good. But in my mind I have to prove that I am not some lonely girl that has two friends and runs a choir. But the frat has some really chill nice people in it.

The next one is weirdly one of my favorites, it is probably because my best guy friend just joined it and they attractive guys that used to live across the hall from me are part of the frat. I have gone to several of this frats parties and the first one I went to I was completely on edge and paranoid that I was going to end up in a ditch or something in the morning. But after the second party were I tripped over a wood pallet and pulled a trashcan down with me and I hit my head on the back of some dudes legs. So he turned around and asked me if I was okay and helped me up. I realized that not all the guys in the frat were "bad guys" out to get me. They do supply drinks which if you hadn't noticed is important to me. One thing that I have talked with other girls about is that the guys tend to group up two dudes to one girl which leaves a lot of other girls open. But at the last party I went to I decided to get super sad and as I was shit-faced and sobbing two guys pulled me over and talked to me to try and calm me down while they could have been off talking to girls that weren't crying and that was very nice of them.

Now to my favorite frat! This frat is smaller and less known on campus but that's almost a good thing because it makes the parties more fun because they aren't crowded and everyone is just there to have fun. This frat was the one I went to for my very first frat party so I guess it holds a special place in my heart. So this frat with going to a lot of their parties I have been able to meet a lot of really cool dudes that all really care for their "brothers" and about the image of their frat. They chose guys that are nice guys. One of the guys I actually got really close with and I really trust him. He has helped me through a few tough times and I am very thankful for him. One time I was actually basically blackout drunk and I was walking home from a party by myself which no one should ever do, but I ended up walking to McDonald's and he came and picked me up and as soon as he picked me up I sat down in the car and some part of my brain that could process things knew I was safe and I blacked all the way out while eating chicken nuggets. When I woke up the next morning I was in his bed fully dressed and he was pressed up against his wall on the other side of the bed. And that is what it means to be a good man. Which this frat has been able to show me does exist.

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