Pop-punk concerts, being at the barricade screaming my heart out and dancing along to all of my favorite songs is my scene. It's my happy place and it's where I love to be wherever I get the chance.

However, recently I got the chance to witness the man, the legend himself, G-Eazy, in concert for the first time and, honestly, I loved it.

There were a few things that were different from this concert than the ones I usually go to, but I can say that it was a new experience for me and that I can't wait to see G-Eazy again soon.

First, instead of the typical two or three opening acts for a pop-punk concert, this concert had four openers who wasted no time coming on stage! They had no backdrops, no special effects, no band or anything. Just them and a DJ coming one right after another.

This was new to me, because I'm used to waiting 15-30 minutes between bands because they have to change sets and set up the stage, but seeing the artists come on stage after each other, not caring about anything but the music and the fans made my heart happy.

Another thing I noticed was the people. There were all kinds of different age groups, but there were A LOT of girls, presumably all there for G-Eazy, but who could blame them? Have you SEEN that man?

Seeing all these people come together forgetting about everything going on around them and uniting together for the night over music is something that I will never get tired of seeing, no matter what genre concert I attend.

With each artist that came on stage, the crowd seemed to all dance together. They supported each other and made sure one another was having a good time, which is something that you should see everywhere, but often times you don't.

Although I definitely felt like I didn't fit in with the band shirt and shorts I was wearing, I felt welcomed. I felt like I was apart of a fanbase that loves and supports one another.

The environment and set up of the show was definitely different, and even though I just got into G-Eazy so I didn't know a lot of his older songs, I had a blast.

If you haven't gone to a concert outside of your usual genre, I highly recommend doing so! It may feel weird at first, but as soon as the artist you went to see comes on stage, you'll feel right at home.

I do have to shout out my amazing best friend for getting me the tickets and I'm already looking forward to seeing G-Eazy again soon!