About two years ago, I went to my first concert. Growing up, it was mostly me being on stage doing performances for school or church. I had never experienced somebody else on the stage performing for me (and the rest of the people at the concert). It was a thrilling moment, let me say, and it was more than I expected.

However, that day was more of a mess than I thought it would be.

The concert was dated to the time while I was still in summer school. I had thought about not going to class that day, but I did. Sadly, my mom wouldn't let me skip school that day just so I could go to the venue earlier. We had both said that it wasn't going to be that much of a mess over there.

So for the rest of the day at school, I spent most of my time daydreaming about the concert. What songs would she play? With what would she open? Would I get a chance to get a picture with Halsey? All these scenarios kept being built in my head, and I was getting more and more excited for 7 p.m. to come.

The hour kept getting closer and closer. Once class finished, I dashed home and got some news: the venue was packed; people had been waiting in line since the night before, and it was long.

When I was told that, my mind blanked out. I was tired from class, and I was also hungry. I could either leave at that moment before the line got even longer, or take a moment to rest and eat and get there when the line was longer. Of course, I went with the former because fuck lines.

I changed quickly and dashed for the train. Never in my life had I sped-walked as fast as I had that one time. Sonic the Hedgehog was put to shame by a crazy Halsey stan, and I've never been proud of myself.

However, I was starving and thirsty and only had like $15 in my pocket. In the end, I figured out on the train, I was meant to die either way. And I also had to find a way to make my phone's battery last until midnight. Haha, I was fucked.

I got to the place, and I didn't know where to go. The Forum began and ended everywhere, and so did the line. Eventually, I found the end of the line, and I was not very happy. The sun was scorching, and I had no hat. (By this time, I wasn't into dad hats the way I am today.)

I ended spending money on a popsicle and water and ending with only $9 in my pocket. I was livid, and by myself. But, almost three hours later, the doors opened and they started letting people in. By this moment, my soul was in my throat, and my blood in my nose.

I was going to get to see one of my favorite artists, and she would be my first concert. I was not ready for any it. And nothing in the entire world could've prepped me for the otherworldly experience that the Badlands was. Many days after the concert, I kept wishing to go back to that night. And up till today, I keep on wishing to go back to that night.