There are many fears, and fears can range from butterflies to falling off a cliff. But you want to know what each level has in common?

They spark fear.

If you'd like to take a leap into my life, I will proudly announce, with my chin held high, that bees, wasps, and hornets are Satan's personal wingmen (pun intended). I've been stung. I know how it feels and sure, it absolutely hurt. That's not what scares me. It is the being itself. Looking down and making eye contact with bubbly, glossy wasp eyes climbing toward my face was what did it for me.

Ever since I was 11, nine years ago, I've had an "irrational" phobia of "cute" and "harmless" bumble bees, and practically anything with a stinger and wings. What's really bothersome is when a person has the audacity to tell me that I overreact to seeing the thing that I'm afraid of most.

"But bees won't hurt you if you stand still," "They make honey and keep our world revolving!"

You could argue with me all day, and at then end of it all, I will still tell you that I wouldn't mind an extinction of the bee population (yeah, I know, it would probably result in the end of the world).

I once had a teacher try to kill a wasp for our class. While the demon floated around her, she thought it'd be funny to walk toward me and two other scared classmates who were cowering in the corner.

Bravo. Not only did I freak out even more, but I completely lost respect for you as a person.

One of my brothers panics at the thought of clowns. The other finds jellyfish a tad bit spooky. My sister thinks that insects (it doesn't matter how little, it doesn't matter how large) are extremely revolting. Even my friend diagnoses herself with trypophobia (a phobia of tiny holes clustered together). Everyone gets creeped out at something. Does this mean I should Google pictures of their personal stresses and laugh at my loved ones' reactions? I could, but I have no desire to be an inconsiderate jerk to other humans.

Fear is an emotion we cannot live without. It makes us human. The fight-or-flight response is our reaction to dismay. I may not be able to fight a wasp or tackle my fear just yet, so for now I'll continue with flight.

Raise your hand and halt the heathens who laugh at human nature. They're the people who encourage fear within society. With this rant officially ranted, I hope you find support and peace within your realm of fright.

After all, we each have a boogieman.