My 10 Favorite '80s Albums
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My 10 Favorite '80s Albums

You can't go wrong with Bowie.

My 10 Favorite '80s Albums

I won't be as naive as pitchfork and claim that these our the best albums of the 80s or even that I could ever bequalified to make a list like that. Summing up an enitre decade in a mere 200 songs with weak paragraph arguments for why they should be on the list is well, a terrible thing to task yourself with. For not one second do I believe that pitchfork have collectivelylistened to ever album realsed in the 1980s. So to claim a list is the best 200 songs of the 80s that summerise a decade isjust narsasistic. I know I'm complaining about a list made by a protentious music rating site being pretentious but man, thatlist just rubbed me the wrong way. So here is a short list of some great 80's albums I reccomend because they are good enjoyablealbums. These are just a small selection of my favourite albums. It seems impossible to narrow it down to my top ten, I feellike I'm leaving out some really obvious ones so lets just call this a selection of good 80's albums. Ok pointless rambling overlets get into the list.

1. Tin Drum - Japan

tin drum

Tin Drum is one of my favourite albums full stop. I grew up listening to Japan and well David Sylvian is one of my three David namesakes so Tin Drum being my favourite 80's album just makes a lot of sense. Not to mention the unreal, god-like ascended bass playing of Mick Karn. Although the album doesn't hold up all that well thematically it really captures the intrigue that surrounded Japan and Japanese culture back in the 80's.

2. Remain in Light - Talking Heads

remain in light

Remain in light is a masterpiece. David Byrne is a genius and my second of three namesakes mentioned on this list. Honestly remain in light might be the best album ever in my opinion if it wasn't for the sentimental value of Tin drum it would be first on this list.

3. Parallel Lines - Blondie

parallel lines

Blondie is my favourite pop band ever. Parallel Lines is an album that feels like a best of album. Every song on the album is followed by a song equally awesome and fun. This album perfectly preserves the era it was made in. Debbie Harry's iconic vocal performance through out the album is instantly recognizable decades later.

4. 3 Feet High and Rising - De La Soul

3 feet high and rising

This is the first rap album I ever heard. I still regularly throw on the vinyl. The album is fun to listen to with clever lyrics and slick beats.

5. Hi How Are You - Daniel Johnston

hi how are you,_How_Are_You

This album really is amazing. I listened to it for the first time last year and have been listening to it on and off ever since. Johnston manages to bring tears to your eyes without leaving his house and only spending 5 or 6 dollars to do so. Not really an impressive feat by today's standards but this record came out in 1983, which makes it incredible.

6. Rites of Spring - Rites of Spring

rites of spring

One of the founding members of a genre that is very close to my heart. One of the original "emo" bands labeled as creating the genre much to the chagrin of front man Guy Picciotto. But whether Picciotto recognizes it or not the band was incredibly influential and it would feel really hypocritical to not have them on this list.

7. The Violent Femmes - The Violent Femmes

violent femmes

The first folk punk album I ever listened to which sent me into a whole folk punk phase that lasted way to long. The self titled album is actually the only Violent Femmes album I've listened to. But it is truly a fantastic and a must listen.

8. Disintegration - The Cure


The Cure are a really important band in music. And well this is one of there best records. The imagery Smith manages to create through the record accompanied by the solid bass lines and eerie guitar makes for a marvelous listen and hold up just as well almost 30 years later.

9. Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) - David Bowie

scary monsters (and super creeps)

The final of my three namesakes. Not to say he's the worst by putting him so far down on the list. It's just a list i wouldn't look into it that much. Scary Monsters is a fantastic Bowie album. It's certainly my favourite of Bowies work throughout the 80's and well to leave Bowie off this list would just be criminal.

10. Doolittle - Pixies


I couldn't leave Pixies of this list. They where an integral part of defining what indie music sounds like today heavily influencing so many bands I love. There melodic guitar riffs totally kick started an entire generation of music. Surfer Rosa the band previous album is also amazing but Doolittle makes the list because it's more accessible produced feel that gave us some truly iconic songs.

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