My Current Top Ten Favorite Artists
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My Current Top Ten Favorite Artists

Everyone has their favorites.

My Current Top Ten Favorite Artists

Friedrich Nietzsche once said "Without music, life would be a mistake." This is a statement that has really stuck with me; I believe that among all of humanity's greatest achievements, all of our miracles and nightmares we have willed into existence, none holds a candle to music. Music has the potential to connect all of us, not only with each other, but to those in the future or the past. I have no special experience in which music saved me or anything of the sort, but music is one of the more important aspects of my life. Metal music helped inspire the subject of my novel, alternative gave me a greater appreciation for lesser-known music, and classical showed me the beauty of simplicity. I have my favorites, and as most others would, I have a select variation of artists that I consider to be in my top ten.

1). Billy Joel

With such a wide variety of sounds in his music, Billy Joel is without a doubt my favorite musician. The skill he displays at playing the piano or with lyric creation is beyond impressive. His music has the ability to mould to any mood I am in, and can be instantly lifting, or a necessary depressant. The man makes great music, and I truly believe that he is one of the best musicians to ever pour his heart into an instrument or microphone.

2). Post Malone

Post Malone is relatively new to my music library, but as seen by his position on my list, he's become a fast favorite. His lyrics are deeply moving at times, and the rhythm is undeniable. His debut album "Stoney" was a massive success, and has me looking forward to what he does next.

3). Kendrick Lamar

It's funny, but I almost don't have a reason why I enjoy Kendrick's music so much. Compared to everything else I have listened to for years, rap is pretty foreign. At first, listening to it might've been purely a social thing, but I'm rapidly gaining appreciation for the genre. Kendrick is by far one of the best in the rap business right now, and "DAMN" was incredible. If had to pin my enjoyment for his music on any one thing, it would have to be the beats and rhythm.

4). Khalid

Khalid is a new artist in general, but his sound is amazing. The music is mellow and refreshing, but maintains a clear identity. I think his debut album put him in a position for success, and I predict great things for the young artist.

5). Frank Sinatra

Frank is just a classic, and will without a doubt go down as one of the best musicians of all time. My sincerest apologies to my editor, but when I attempt to explain why Beyonce is not as great as people believe, I typically point to the impact a musician like Frank Sinatra has made; his music is iconic, and will probably far outlive the type of content made by Beyonce and others with a similar sound.The man is a legend, and never fails to make me wish that I lived in the 1950's.

6). Lana Del Rey

In a day and age in which most guys probably listen to rap and only rap, I see no shame in saying that Lana Del Rey is one of my favorite artists. The girl has got some amazing music, unlike any other that I've listened to. The content is so deep, and the music never fails to fit perfectly. Her song "Young and Beautiful" took The Great Gatsby film to another level.

7). Elton John

Another classic. Elton has proven to be one of the most influential artists in history, and his music can have such an impact on anyone's mood, I know it does for me. His greatest hits album never fails to put me in a great mood, and makes for the perfect car playlist.

8). Kanye West

His personality and family aside, Kanye West is an undeniably good musician. I've only started listening to him within the past few months, but I can't see why I didn't start sooner. "The Life of Pablo" is sensational, and currently serves as the majority of my pump-up playlist. The beats that make up his songs are nothing short of amazing.

9). Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is an artist that makes me wonder if my top 10 really has any specific order. He has consistently been one of my favorite artists, and he was such an icon to the music industry. To this day, I will still watch his live performances and wonder what else he could have created if drugs had not ruined his life. There is not a single Michael Jackson song that I dislike, and similar to Frank Sinatra, I think his music will live on even past my lifetime.

10). Seafret

The only band on this list, Seafret is my favorite alternative group. To any and all who ask me, I always recommend a listen. Their album "Tell me it's Real" is outstanding, and is the perfect set of songs to listen to on a rainy day. In addition to this, there is no difference between their song live and on their album.

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