Writing For The Odyssey 2.0
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Writing For The Odyssey 2.0

My promises to you as a creator

Writing For The Odyssey 2.0

I'm back babyyyyyy.

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So what's happened since circa 2018? Leading up to this global lock down, I transferred colleges yet again, making that a grand total of four institutions during undergrad. Four months into transferring to the University of Missouri-St. Louis, my relationship of 5+ years ended tragically (can't wait to spill the tea on that). I then became Sig Tau Gamma's White Rose, was told I was psychotic by a professor, taught four 9th grade English sections during a summer program (and was totally bullied but it's fine) while working at a country club and enrolled as a full-time student, and became absolute best friends with my exes roommate's girlfriend. Yeah, I had to sneak her out of the boys' apartment a few times and it was our secret. Now? I'm back in the 417, living in my old bedroom where I first wrote for the Odyssey Online thanks to COVID-19. It's just been updated with my mom's decorative touch; a camouflage bed spread, a cotton wreaths and mason jars. If the Ozarks had an Ikea, I'd be living in a model room... Oh! And I finally tried toasted ravioli and went to a hockey game, LGB!! Of course the one game I went to, my date had this creepy ex stalker that decided to message and text me. How she got my number?

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So why does any of this matter or why should you care?

College is a spectrum between thriving and brutally intolerable. Everyday you'll feel like your day is manageable or you're just hoping no one dies in the process, especially playing with fire in the lab on two hours of sleep or speeding to your 8 a.m. I can't guarantee you'll land where you expect to or that you won't change your major eight times (not speaking from experience or anything). Hell, this pandemic should have taught you that life has an unexpected blindside and can put anything to a dead stop. However, I can assure there is a guaranteed lesson to be learned or something to be grateful for in every day which is where I'm here to tell you what I wish I would have realized throughout "my college experience."

My promise to you as a content creator

The past two years have been nothing short of wild and exhausting. My hope out of these blogs is to share common (and some uncommon) stories about my success, screw ups, challenges, and most importantly the benefit out of all of them. Did I neglect my friends to stay in for homework too much? Yeah. Do I regret it? Yes and no. Did I eventually get burnt out and start spending too much time with my friends instead of homework? Yep! Do I regret it? Again...Yes and no. There's a balance that I wish I would have found, but with respect, we g I promise to be honest and transparent even when it comes to my ugly college days. Some of you will get a laugh and others will be interested in the self-development piece I'll always include. Life is hard. Only one man walked this earth perfectly and the rest of us just have to try our best and learn from one-another.

Reminiscing on the good, the bad, and the ugly has made me smile, turn my stomach inside out, and man, I can't wait to spill the tea. :) It's good to be back.

Without my ex, I would have never met Sabrina. Who said an ex isn't good for anything?


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