If you do not know me, I am absolutely obsessed with my cat, Charles. I rescued him when I was a junior in high school and we have been best friends ever since. For the first few weeks of college, I would FaceTime my mom each night just so I could see him and see his sweet face, Leaving the pet that you spend everyday with in high school really can take a tole on a person but I want for you to know that they do never forget who you are. Sure they are a little upset with you when you come home to visit but the next day, they want to sit in your lap and get all the attention they can because you still are their best friend. Oops I forgot I left this very important detail our- Charles is a twenty pound tabby boy. When we found him back in high school, he was only three months old and very frail. We found him in my alley behind my house in mid-November when it was just starting to get cold. I held him in my arms for a straight week, during the thanksgiving holidays, because he had to be warm all the time. Charles is not just your run of the mill kind of cat, he can do many tricks including sitting on command and also fetching his favorite toys which are pipe cleaners. He has the best personality and is always going to tell you what he thinks. He is truly a blessing and I am so happy to be able to spend some time with him this thanksgiving break.